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    Motivation is alfa and omega

    Motivation gives you driving force and energy in your everyday life, which is why it is essential to find the correct driving force that pushes you forward. Being open, curious and questioning can be difficult, if you constantly feel behind with your studies, but these are all essential ingredients to the problem-oriented project work at Aalborg University.

    If you feel pressured, it is important to understand why, so you have the opportunity to change it.
    You can try this exercise:

    Inner and Outer Stressors 

    Lack of motivation can lead to feeling pressured and imbalance in your study. You may have been motivated to study, but with time lost the spirit? Perhaps you doubt whether your current study is the right one for you? No matter what the reason is, it is important that you find your driving force.

    You can become more aware of what motivates you with the exercise “What is important for your student life?”


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    Find your own driving force!

    Motivation gives you the driving force to accomplish your study, but if you are no longer motivated, you will use excessive amounts of resources and energy just to get through every semester. That is why it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

    • Did I choose the right study?
    • What is my passion?
    • What motivates me?
    • What do I love to do, and why?

    It can be terrifying to acknowledge the fact that your current study may not be the right one for you, and you may start to doubt what it is you actually want to do. That is why it is important to consider the questions above. It is crucial that you find your motivation – the motivation that makes everything easier for you, that gives you experience in succeeding and that makes you want to walk through fire and water to succeed.

    If you lack energy in your everyday life, it can also be because you prioritize your time ineffectively or incorrectly. Find your energy and motivation through this exercise:

    What gives you energy in your life

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    Test yourself – are you motivated?

    Ask yourself these following questions:

    • Why did you choose your study?
    • Were you motivated when you started on this study?
    • Why do you no longer feel passionate about your study?
    • Can you change anything to reignite your motivation? If yes, what? If no – do you feel passionate about something else? 
    • Which feelings do you feel when you think of the study of your dreams?
    • Who, or what, holds you back from transferring to the study of your dreams?
    • What is the reason, that you let someone, or something, stand in the way of your dreams?

    It can be quite difficult to answer the questions above, and the answers may make you feel sad and upset, but the point is that it is important to know in order to achieve your dreams.