Study at Aalborg University in Esbjerg

AAU Esbjerg is Aalborg University’s campus in Esbjerg - Denmark’s fifth biggest town with approximately 72,000 inhabitants.

Our programmes lie within the scope of engineering and tech, and our graduates are highly rated in the industry as being the most skilled in project management as well as skilled in central competences. As part of Aalborg University we apply an unique learning model –  the problem-based, project-organized model PBL which is internationally recognised as an advanced and efficient learning model.

Student life at Aalborg University in Esbjerg

At Aalborg University Esbjerg we are focused on creating and maintaining our great study environment. Due to our relative small campus size students and staff all know each other across the different fields and years of study. As a student you will soon feel at home.

We are located only around 3 kilometres from Esbjerg town centre and transport options between the town centre and campus are great. Thus, you have easy access to the many cultural experiences and spare time activities that Esbjerg has to offer its 6,500 students. Accomodation for students are plenty and cheaper than in most university cities.

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International Students

At Aalborg University Esbjerg we welcome international students from all over the world! 
Approximately 25% of our students are international both from within and outside the EU. Equally we employ several international academic staff, thus an international atmosphere at campus.

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