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What is enrolment?

Following the first academic year, only few study places are available at AAU’s study programmes. If you are granted credit transfer for the entire first academic year of a study programme, you can apply for admission to one of these study places. Technically, this application procedure is called ‘enrolment’.

Conditions for enrolment

A number of conditions apply to enrolment to a study programme after the first year:

  • You must have passed examinations which count as credit towards at least the first year of the study programme to which you apply for enrolment. This means that you must be able to begin your studies on the third semester or on later semesters of the Bachelor's or Master's programme. If you are not eligible to be awarded credit for at least the first year, you must apply for a study place on the first year of study via the Coordinated Admission System (Bachelor's programmes) or the Application Portal (Master's programmes). If you are uncertain whether you are eligible for credit transfer for the entire first year of the study programme, we recommend that you apply through both systems. we kindly ask you to inform us this in your enclosures.
  • A study place must be available on the semester to which you apply for enrolment. Please note that due to restricted admission, many study programmes have no vacant study places after the first-year intake.
  • You must meet the general admission requirements, including any language requirements.

If you have an international qualifying entry examination and you are applying for admission to a study programme taught in Danish, you must have passed the Study Test in Danish as a Second Language (module 6 of the Danish language course 3) or Danish A. If you are a citizen of any of the Nordic countries and have a Nordic qualifying entry examination, you are not required to pass a Danish language test. 

see language requirements

If you apply for admission to a programme taught in English, your English language qualifications must be comparable to the English B level of Danish upper secondary school.

See English requirements

  • No other conditions must prevent your enrolment, such as having used up your permitted examination attempts or having exceeded prescribed deadlines etc. If any of the above conditions apply to you, you must apply for exemption.
  • If you apply for enrolment to a study programme on which you have previously been enrolled, you can be readmitted to this programme no earlier than five months after you have terminated your previous enrolment.
  • The newest, current curriculum and regulations will apply to you upon your enrolment.

The number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of vacant places 

If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of available study places and if the individual study programme has not stipulated other selection criteria, all applicants will be admitted on the basis of their grade point average. For applicants applying for enrolment to a Bachelor's programme, the assessment will be based on the grade point average of their upper secondary education. For applicants applying for enrolment to a Master's programme, the assessment will be based on the grade point average of their Bachelor's degree.

Requirement of credit transfer application

When applicants apply for admission or enrolment at a university, they must state any successfully completed degree programme elements (courses) from all previous non-completed university programmes and apply for credit transfer.

How to apply

You must apply for a study place via

the application portal

Please note that you must upload the following documentation:

  • A copy of your qualifying entry examination
  • Copies of other relevant documents, such as documentation of your Danish or English language skills.
  • Copies of your student record, completed study activities or copies of any previously approved credit transfer.

Choose the correct offer type

Please make sure to choose the correct technical term in the box ‘offer type' in the application portal:

  • ‘Re-enrolment’ = Applying for the exactly same programme  - previously, you have attended this programme.   
  • ‘Study change/Transfer – Bachelor’ = Applying for a Bachelor’s programme  - based on previous activities in another Bachelor’s programme.
  • ‘Study change/transfer – Master’ = Applying for a Master’s programme – based on previous activities in another Master’s programme.


Application deadlines

  • September intake 2017: 1 April 2017

  • February intake 2018: 15 October

  • September intake: 1 March

For further information please contact the Admissions Office, some study programes may still have vacant study places.

Response to your application

You will receive a response to your application shortly before the semester start date.  We cannot tell how many study places will be available on the third and later semesters, until we know how many students will enrol in their first year of study; therefore, you will most likely receive the response just before the semester start date.