Research at AAU

Aalborg University focuses on strong national and international world class research groups representing the academic areas of the university. In addition, Aalborg University secures a high quality level within research and within the research based programmes by, for instance, providing special support the most promising researcher talents.

Freedom of research is a fundamental principle for Danish universities. This implies an obligation to communicate to a broad audience the knowledge and results achieved through research and to participate actively in the public debate.

Find research from Aalborg University

The knowledge base (VBN) is Aalborg University's research database, which communicates AAU's research. Through VBN, AAU wishes to render its research activities and publications visible, and to create a basis for contact and cooperation between interested external parties and research environments.

Search for research in VBN

VBN is publicly accessible, and it is possible to search for the following content types:

Research registration is the responsibility of the individual researchers and the organisational units of the university. Publications not entered in VBN in their complete form may be obtained by contacting the individual researcher or the individual department. More information about VBN is available from the VBN editorial office

Quality evaluation of research

Aalborg University implements quality evaluation of its research through internationally renowned researchers who provide merit awarding assessments and peer review of academic articles and international conference contributions. Aalborg University benchmarks its research production in the joint university research publication platform PURE, and the university is also benchmarked internationally within certain research fields.

Internationalisation of research

Aalborg University is among the leading universities in the world within health technology research, wireless communication, energy, computer science, innovation economics and comparative welfare studies. AAU has established centres for telecommunication at Birla Institute of Technology in India, at Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia, and at the University of Rome. Furthermore, AAU has established a research centre for health technology at Xi'an Jiaotong University in China.

Aalborg University wishes to maintain and expand its international position and strengthen its focus of internationalisation of cooperation within research with a view to achieving the optimum benefits from the synergy created by the global perspective.

The University is an internationally oriented workplace which attracts strong researchers regardless of their country of origin. The University has a high proportion of international researchers and considers it a goal to maintain this.

AAU research available for the whole society

An important objective of our research at Aalborg University is to make it accessible and useful for as many people as possible. This means that AAU research results will not only be useful within university walls. AAU research and research results will also be communicated to relevant parties in the surrounding society, so that the research may contribute as much use-value as possible to society. This is secured through close cooperation with the business world, organisations and educational institutions.

Research Communication

Through research communication Aalborg University seeks to bridge the gap between research and the surrounding society in both direct and mediated dialogue. The primary objective of research communication is to provide citizens, the business world, decision makers, and other interested parties with tools to assist their understanding and navigation in an increasingly complex world.