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Are you interested in design and the technologies used within film, sound, computer games, digital animations and graphics? Do you want to learn to develop computer games, computer-generated animated films in 3D environments and interactive media productions?

To be successful in today’s media society, you should be able to bridge the gap between technology and creativity. At Medialogy, your creativity is what starts the process – and we give you the opportunity to study the interaction between technological science and the ways it is applied.

At Medialogy, you will gain knowledge about film, animation and music technology and learn how design and computer science go hand in hand in today’s and tomorrow’s media productions. You will gain insight into the creative processes and thinking that precedes any media production.

You will also learn how to use technological advances in engineering science in design and production of e.g. digital creation and manipulation of sound and images, computer games, computer-generated animated films, 3D worlds and digital art.

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Study Method at AAU - Problem Based Learning

Study Method at AAU - Problem Based Learning

The study method at AAU is called Problem Based Learning (PBL). Together with your fellow students you will work with real life problems by way of problem based project work.

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