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Member Benefits for AAU Alumni


An AAU Alumni membership provides you with a number of benefits, deals and invitations for events, talks and company visits. For example, alumni to alumni talks on personal experiences about building a carrier abroad, a company visit at a research institution and a guided tour of the Danish parliament.

Stay up to date on events here.

Signup for an alumni portrayal

Create a personal alumni portrait

Inspire fellow alumni by sharing your personal experiences and professional development in a alumni portrayal. More information on how to signup here.

Discount on academic talks at Folkeuniversitetet

Discount on academic talks at Folkeuniversitetet
Keep up with academic research and its impact on society in a broad range of academic disciplines. With an AAU Alumni membership you benefit from reduced ticket prices on a number of talks. More information here.

The Alumni Agreement Code for Spring 2020 is: 200-715

Continuing education at AAU

Join events hosted by the university chaplains at AAU

The University Chaplains at AAU

Every semester The University Chaplains host multiple events in Aalborg. They are mainly in Danish but there are also a few English. Members of AAU Alumni are welcome to join in.

Details on events at the university chaplains’ website and Facebook page (mainly in Danish).

Love books? Use The University Library

Aalborg University Library

An AAU Alumni membership gives you access to The University Library in Aalborg, Copenhagen and Esbjerg and a large number of the services offered by the library:

  • Stop by the library and use the library’s facilities
  • Register as borrower and gain access to the library’s physical collections
  • Stay updated on research from AAU
  • Get access to RefWorks and JSTORE

Read about AUB for alumni at aub.aau.dk

Access Erhverv Norddanmark's Events

Erhverv Norddanmark

Access all Erhverv Norddanmark's events and get closer to the business community of North Jutland.

If you register for an event with participation fee, you have to pay yourself. Please remember to mention that you are an AAU Alumni at registration.

Learn more about Erhverv Norddanmark's events here.

International House

International House
AAU Alumni collaborates with International House North Denmark (IHND) about events and projects to the benefit of international alumni in and around Aalborg. More information available on IHND on their website and Facebook

Join academic networks at Aalborg University

Join academic networks at Aalborg University

Gain easy access to research based knowledge through academic networks at AAU. Find more information here.

Join AAU Golf Championship

Join AAU Golf Championship

Join in the annual AAU Golf Championship. More information and updates on the next tournament here or in the Facebook group AAU Golf Championship (mainly in Danish).