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Cooperation with Aalborg University

Aalborg University (AAU) is a dynamic and innovative research and educational institution that combines a strong involvement in local, regional and national issues with an active commitment to international cooperation. Aalborg University works closely with other universities and institutions, businesses and authorities.

National and international cooperation

Aalborg University has a long history of working closely together with the surrounding society both nationally and internationally. And AAU is Denmark's leading university when it comes to knowledge transfer between the university and the business world.

The cooperation takes many forms, from expert advice, industrial PhDs, professional networks and laboratory access to binding cooperation on research and development.

50% Increase in External Funding

Over the past three years the university has experienced a 50% increase in earnings from the university's cooperation with external partners. In 2013 Aalborg University received external funding well above 100,000,000 Euro, which was approx. 22% of the university's total income.

This funding was reached through a little more than 1000 research collaboration agreements and consultancy agreements. Most of the funding comes through different forms of collaboration with private companies ranging from small local enterprises to some of the world's leading companies.

Contact AAU

If you have general questions about cooperation with Aalborg University, please contact:

Rector's Office
E-mail: rektorsekretariatet@adm.aau.dk

Aalborg University's international cooperation

Aalborg University's international cooperation

Find information about:

  • AAU's international networks and alliances
  • the internationalisation of AAU's research
  • AAU's educational cooperation
  • AAU's students and stays abroad
  • the ranking of AAU 


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How to cooperate with Aalborg University

How to cooperate with Aalborg University

A wide range of options for cooperating with AAU are available to you. You can:

  • cooperate with AAU researchers
  • cooperate with AAU students
  • take part in the utilisation of AAU's inventions and technology
  • rent laboratories and equipment
  • participate in continuing education 

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