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Alumni contribute to the development of AAU

You are the best ambassadors AAU can get. You, an alumni, can help shape the future of Aalborg University by contributing with your unique experiences from your professional life. When you do,  you help keep up the proud traditions of Aalborg University. You may wish to give back to AAU and your particular field of study by e.g. recommendations, talks, research collaboration or talent management.

Below is inspiration about how you can actively give back to Aalborg University.

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    Become an AAU Ambassador

    As a member of AAU Alumni you can sign up as an ambassador for the university and your previous study programme. In your role as an ambassador, the AAU Alumni secretariat may contact you if we need:

    • A guest lecturer with a unique knowledge of the exact area you are working within
    • A speaker who can provide the graduate students at your previous study programme some examples of how theory can be put into practice in your common field of study
    • Alumni who would like to participate in the quality development of the university and various programmes, i.e. in the form of participation in focus group interviews about the link between study and carreer
    • Alumni who can contribute with cases to storytelling in order to promote your study to future students

    All of the above are examples of how you can contribute in the role of ambassador for AAU Alumni. At any time, you may decline an enquiry from AAU Alumni if you do not feel you can contribute to the specific request.

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    Your benefits

    As an ambassador in AAU Alumni you will get the golden opportunity to:

    • Train your communication skills
    • Become more aware of your own skills and your own career path when you have to convey your experience to others
    • Strengthen your CV by showing commitment to sharing knowledge
    • Nurture and expand your network at AAU and at events
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    Branding Aalborg University

    You may also help by

    • Promoting AAU when the opportunity presents itself
    • Recommending AAU to potential students in your network
    • Telling your colleagues about continuing education at AAU
    • Considering employing students from AAU if your company is looking for a student assistant, offering real life cases for student projects or by offering an internship
    • Encourage other AAU alumni in your network to become a member of AAU Alumni, take part in events and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook

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    How do I signup for AAU Ambassador?

    If you wish to be an ambassador for Aalborg University you must be a member of AAU Alumni. If you are not already a member, you can sign up here. When you have created your profile, please send us an e-mail at alumni@aau.dk and let us know that you would like to be an ambassador.

A great resource

Per Michael Johansen, Vice-chancellor

"As an alumnus/alumna you are the finest ambassador Aalborg University can have and you are a unique resource to other alumni and to the university.

By joining AAU Alumni we offer you a strong network and a lifelong relation to your university – for the interest of both parts"


Per Michael Johansen,

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