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    Who can signup for AAU Alumni

    AAU Alumni is part of Aalborg University and all alumni are welcome to join AAU Alumni – the world’s largest project group.

    You are an alumnus and are welcome to join AAU Alumni,  if you are one of the following:

    • You are a former student, who has graduated from Aalborg University.
    • You are currently enrolled as a student at Aalborg University, including Master’s programs, and are 60 ECTS, or less, away from graduating.
    • You are a PhD with a set date for your PhD defence.

    When signing up for membership you consent to the conditions below. Conditions were updated in January 2020

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    Why become a member?

    AAU Alumni supports the development of life long relations between Aalborg University and its alumni. AAU Alumni facilitates this network through news, research collaboration, talks and events. We encourage alumni to contribute actively in networking activities and benefit from the knowledge and experiences of fellow alumni.

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    What does a membership entail?

    It is your responsibility to make sure that the information AAU Alumni holds about you is correct and up to date. Please make sure that we have your valid email address at all times so that we can contact you with invitations, deals and news.

    Membership is free.

    Your membership is valid until you actively terminate it. If you no longer wish to be a member of AAU Alumni you may terminate your membership by sending us an email alumni@aau.dk.

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    Registration of personal data

    We ask for personal information about you in order to administrate your AAU Alumni membership. The information enables us to provide you with only relevant information and deals.

    When you signup, we ask for your personal identification number in order to match the data submitted by you with additional data that Aalborg University holds about you. AAU Alumni has access to an overview of your degrees taken at Aalborg University. The overview stems from STADS, the student administration system. If the information about you is incorrect, please contact us on alumni@adm.aau.dk

    When you signup for AAU Alumni you may also signup for our newsletter. You may tick your areas of preference i.e. research, further education etc. You may subscribe or unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails we send you or you may change your preferences here  her.

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    Data Protection Policy

    Aalborg University has taken the necessary technical and organizational precautions regarding the protection of your personal data against theft or hacking. Aalborg University treats your data in accordance with the Danish Data Protection Act, which includes protection from abuse and from falling into the hands of unauthorized parties

    Your personal data is submitted to AAU Alumni via a safe, encrypted connection and is protected behind a firewall. Aalborg University will under no circumstances exchange your personal data with a third party without your consent. 

    In accordance with the Danish Data Protection Act you have the right to be informed about the personal data AAU Alumni holds about you. If the data AAU Alumni is holding is incorrect or misleading you have the right to demand it corrected, deleted or blocked. At all times you may object to the case handling of your personal data. At all times you may withdraw your consent. You may file a complaint about the handling of your personal data. Complaints should be files at the Danish data Protection Agency, cf. the Danish Data Protection Act section 58 subsection 1.

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    Terminating your membership

    If you no longer wish to be a part of AAU Alumni, you can terminate your membership by sending us an email to alumni@aau.dk stating your full name and that you wish to terminate your membership. If you would like to help us improve our services, please also state why you wish to terminate the membership.

    The rules of membership were updated in January 2020