Whistleblowing Scheme

AAU's whistleblower scheme can be used, if you are or have been employed at Aalborg University, are a collaboration partner or have another work affiliation with the university.

When should you use the whistleblower scheme

The scheme should be used, If you have knowledge or a reasonable suspicion of illegality, serious financial irregularities, research misconduct or serious offensive and abusive behaviour at Aalborg University. If this is the case you can report it through Aalborg University's whistleblower scheme, see the link in the button of this page.

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    1. Purpose of the whistleblowing scheme

    The whistleblowing scheme at Aalborg University is intended to:

    Ensure a safe environment for staff members and other individuals with work ties to Aalborg University to voice their concerns about objectionable matters at Aalborg University without fear of adverse consequences
    Detect and prevent, as far as possible, serious errors and neglect.

    The whistleblowing scheme is a counterpart to the direct and daily communication in the workplace about errors and unsatisfactory conditions, etc.

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    2.Who may file a report?

    You can use the whistleblowing scheme to file a report if you are or have been employed at Aalborg University, are a collaboration partner or have another work affiliation with the university.

    You can read more in point 2 of the whistleblowing policy.

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    3.What matters can you report?

    The whistleblowing scheme can only be used to report on matters covered by the Whistleblower Protection Act (Act No. 1436 of 29 June 2021 and any subsequent amendments). These are certain infringements of EU law and serious offences as well as serious matters in general.

    • certain violations of EU legislation and 
    • serious violations of the law as well as other serious issues 

    Infringements of EU law may include, for example, infringements relating to the rules on private life, personal data and the security of network and information systems, and the rules on public procurement.

    Serious offences and serious matters in general may include, for example, criminal offences; serious or repeated violations of law, essential internal guidelines or administrative principles; and serious interpersonal conflicts in the workplace.

    If you wish to report a suspected violation of the Act on Research Misconduct, you are encouraged to use thislink to "AAU Practice Committee"

    In general, the whistleblowing scheme cannot be used with regard to dissatisfaction with salary levels, minor offences such as violations of internal guidelines on smoking and alcohol, and less serious interpersonal conflicts and disagreements.

    You can read more about the matters that can be reported in point 3 of the whistleblowing policy.

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    4.Can you remain anonymous?

    You decide whether to submit the report in your own name or anonymously.

    If you wish to remain anonymous, it is important that you do not state your name anywhere in the report. Moreover, you must be aware that it cannot be ruled out that your identity may be derived from the information you have provided in the report.

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    5.How to file a report

    You can file a report using the link below.

    If you submit a report, the following information will normally be useful in the further investigation of the case:

    • Description of the matter, including the date, place and name(s) of the person(s) involved
    • Any documents or evidence relating to the infringement or other information which could facilitate an investigation of the case
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    6.Who reviews the information?

    The information will be reviewed by the law firm Bech-Bruun and the Aalborg University whistleblowing unit.

    All persons involved are subject to a particular statutory duty of confidentiality with respect to the information reported through the whistleblowing scheme.

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    7.How soon will you get an answer?

    Within seven days you will receive confirmation that the report has been received.

    Generally, within three months you will receive notification on the conclusion of the case. If the review of your report takes longer than three months, you will receive an explanation for the longer investigation time.

    Generally, you will be informed, within the framework of the legislation, about the outcome of the investigations.

    All communication with you takes place through the whistleblowing portal. It is therefore important that you follow the case if you wish to receive confirmation of receipt of your report, an explanation for longer processing time and to receive a briefing on the outcome of the investigations into your report.

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    8.What rights does the whistleblower have?

    Aalborg University does not tolerate harassment, retaliation or other forms of sanctions against persons who report a case in good faith via the whistleblowing scheme.

    False or misleading information may not knowingly be reported through the whistleblowing scheme. Depending on the circumstances, reports made in bad faith could have adverse consequences in terms of employment law for the person making the report.

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    9.Where can I read more?

    You can read more in Aalborg University's whistleblower policy, which was approved by the main joint consultation committee on 22 November 2021.

    see the whistleblower policy