How to Cooperate with AAU

Aalborg University (AAU) cooperates with enterprises locally, nationally and internationally, and we would like to make you our next business partner. As a company or an institution, you have the opportunity to cooperate with Aalborg University (AAU) in different ways. Below you can get an overview of your different opportunities.

AAU - your shortcut to new knowledge and development

Aalborg University

Any business – small or large - needs new knowledge and input in order to develop; this may concern product development, marketing or other business issues. New knowledge is not an off-the-shelf-item; this must be created, and time and money are spent in the process.

You may take a shortcut to this knowledge by cooperating with Aalborg University. It is our goal that the knowledge created by our researchers and students should benefit business enterprises and society in general, and a wide range of options for cooperating with AAU are available.

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Contact AAU

If you have general questions about cooperation with Aalborg University, please contact:

Rector's Office

Cooperate with researchers

A cooperation with Aalborg University's researchers will give you access to the most recent knowledge within your field. You can cooperate with AAU researchers in different ways.

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Inventions and technology

As a business you have the opportunity to take part in the utilisation of inventions and technology from AAU or in developing completely new technology.

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Cooperate with students

A cooperation with Aalborg University's students is a good way to begin your cooperation with AAU. You can cooperate with AAU students through activities such as project collaboration, internships, student jobs and workshops.

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Laboratories & equipment

Aalborg University can help you If you and your company have a project that requires access to specific laboratory facilities or equipment. 

Learn more about renting laboratories and equipment

Further and continuing education

Aalborg University offers continuing education to employees in companies and institutions. Courses are offered by a wide range of disciplines.

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