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Bachelor's programmes taught in English

  1. BA in Art & Technology (Aalborg) (note: restricted entry)
  2. BSc in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (Esbjerg)
  3. BSc in Economics and Business Administration (Aalborg) (note: restricted entry)
  4. BSc in Applied Industrial Electronics (Esbjerg)
  5. BSc in It, Communication and New Media (Copenhagen) (note: restricted entry)
  6. BA in Language and International Studies (Aalborg) (note: restricted entry)
  7. BSc in Medialogy (Aalborg and Copenhagen) (note: restricted entry)
  8. BSc in Manufacturing and Operations Engineering (Copenhagen) (note: restricted entry)
  9. BSc in Robotics (Aalborg) (note: restricted entry)
  10. BSc in Sustainable Biotechnology (Copenhagen) (note: restricted entry)

Second Degree limitation

Have you already passed a professional Bachelor’s degree, a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in Denmark? The option of enrolling in yet another degree programme on the same level in Denmark has changed in 2017. New legislation on restriction on second degrees has been passed in the Danish Parliament.

Plese visit this site for more information

What does restricted entry mean?

A number of programmes at Aalborg University have restricted entry. This means that a student place cannot be guaranteed, even if you fulfill the entry requirements and hand in your application before the deadline. For example – when a programme has only 50 seats, we only offer seats to 50 applicants even though there might be 100 applicants who fulfill the requirements.

In quota 1 we then offer seats to the applicants with the highest grade point avarage. In quota 2 we make an overall assessment in accordance with the quota 2 criteria set for each specific programme.