Continuing Education at Aalborg University

Aalborg University in Denmark offers a wide array of programs as part-time, continuing adult education, ranging from Master's programs to single courses within different academic fields.

Continuing Education is open to everyone who fulfills the admission requirements. The programs are targeted towards adults who have already completed an education and now wish to follow an education at a higher level or in another field or wish to update already acquired qualifications within the field of their initial degree.

This means that the participants at Continuing Education are mostly employed people who study at their leisure time or who are on educational leave from their job.

Most of the programs that Aalborg University offers are conducted in Danish, which means that you have to be fluent in Danish to participate. However, we do offer a few programs and courses which are conducted in English and thus are open to participants who do not understand Danish. You can read about these programs and courses on this website.

If you are interested in a full-time program as an international student, please refer to Aalborg University's online 'Studyguide'.

Master's programs

Master's programs

Part-time Master's programs for employed adults.

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Single semesters and courses

Single semesters and courses

Single semesters and courses from the part-time Master's programs.

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Empty-place Scheme

Empty-place Scheme

Single courses from Aalborg University's full-time bachelor and Master's programs.

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