Examination as a Part-time Student

All tests and exams under the part-time programs are conducted according to the regulations in the curriculum of the program that you have been admitted to. In order to participate in an exam, the tuition fee must have been paid. When the payment of the tuition fee has been registered by the University, we register you for the program’s exams in the semester in question.

You have three attempts to pass an exam. In other words you cannot register for the same exam or test more than three times. If you need more than three examination attempts, you must apply for an exemption by the study board of your program.

We recommend that you take all exams according to the normal progression of the program in order not to become subject to any future changes in the curriculum and other rules and regulations.

If, however, you choose to postpone one or more exams – e.g. due to illness – it is your responsibility to unregister from the exam or exams in question through STADS Self Service. You may also contact your program secretary and ask her for help to do it.

It is your own responsibility to keep updated on any changes in curricula and ministerial orders on the study program before your next examination attempt. If you have postponed an exam or is taking a re-examination, it is your own responsibility to register for the exam in due time by contacting your program secretary.

After March 1. and October 1. you can access STADS Self Service and see your registrations for courses and exams.


If you wish to apply for exemption from the examination rules stated in your program’s curriculum, you must send an application for exemption to the program’s study board.

Examination appeal

If you wish to make an examination appeal, you must send a written appeal to your study board or Faculty Office at Aalborg University. The appeal must be substantiated and received by the University no later than two weeks after the examination result was announced.

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