Teaching methods


Because most of the students attending Continuing Education are employed adults who participate in a program simultaneously with having a full-time job, the programs are part-time. The teaching takes place in a combination of e-learning and seminars. This means that you must have access to a computer with Internet connection. You communicate with your teachers and fellow students through an Internet based conference system, e.g. First Class or Moodle.


In addition to the Internet based e-learning, most programs and courses include between 3-8 seminars at Aalborg University during a full program or course. These seminars are often structured as 1-day or 2-day seminars on weekdays. Because the seminars are regarded as a part of the programs and not just a supplement, we highly recommended that you participate in these seminars. In some programs, participation in the seminars is even a requirement.

problem-oriented project work

The pedagogical approach of the programs offered at Continuing Education at Aalborg University is problem-orientated project work, often in groups. This means that the students have to produce a written project relating to a specific problem within the academic frame of the program or course. Sometimes these projects are produced jointly by students in groups. In some programs, however, it is possible to do the project work individually, but this is always a decision made by the board of studies and teachers of the program in question.

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