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Guest and Exchange Programmes at AAU

Aalborg University (AAU) offers a number of guest and exchange programmes (including Erasmus) and other programmes at bachelor's and master’s levels which are open to international students. You can either choose from the programmes listed below or study parts of a master's programme or a bachelor's programme.


What is a guest and exchange programme?

What is a guest and exchange programme?

A guest and exchange programme is part of a bachelor's or a master's programme and lasts one or two semesters.

To become a guest and exchange student at Aalborg University you need to participate in a formal exchange programme between your home university and AAU (e.g. Erasmus, Nordplus or bilateral agreements).

The credits you earn at AAU during your guest and exchange programme will be transferred to the bachelor’s or master’s degree you’re studying at your home university.

Cultural agreement programme

Scholarships are offered to Master's degree- and PhD-level students from higher education institutions in the following countries:

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