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    • Return the keys to the International Accommodation Office no later than 12.00 p.m. (noon) on the final departure date stated in your tenancy agreement. If the Accommodation Office is closed, you can leave the key in the black mailbox by the front door at Fibigerstræde 10, next to the entrance.
    • Keys MUST be left at the Accommodation Office, not in the mailbox of the accommodation, not in the room or by the caretaker.
    • Remember to leave your key in an envelope with along with your name. There is a fee on DKK 500.00 per day if you turn in the key later than the final date.
    • Fill in carefully the departure slip, and read the departure guide regarding cleaning etc. If you do not inform the IAO about the time of your departure, we will continue charging you for the accommodation. Please; print the form, fill it in and return the departure form to the International Accommodation Office.
    • When you leave Denmark, you must deregister from at national register. 
    • Please note; should you lack to deregister within two weeks after you moved out, you are at risk to be fined by the municipality.




    See more about leaving Denmark


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    How do we check the accommodation on departure?

    We do not have the possibility to check the apartment/room before your departure. The accommodation will be checked as soon as possible after your departure. Use the departure guide as a guideline regarding cleaning; please do remember it is only a guideline.

    If you live in an apartment with shared facilities, possible cleaning bill will be divided between the tenants living in the apartment, regardless your departure date. Possible cleaning bills are not negotiable.

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    Housing deposit on departure

    It will be transferred to your bank account according to your wishes specified on the departure form which you are to fill in before your departure.

    There is a fee on DKK 45 for non-Danish bank transfers. The reimbursed amount can therefore be less than the original paid amount. Also the exchange rate can change and influence on the amount returned.
    Please remember, pre-paid deposit were already deducted your first payment, this means your deposit is 2 months´ rent.


    We will write to you for new details, and any banks fees will be deducted from your deposit, therefore please ensure that you have written the right details IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

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    When do i receive my deposit

    If you are leaving your accommodation in the summer (June/July/August)

    • The housing deposits will be refunded during the month of September

    If you are leaving the accommodation in the winter (December/January/February)

    • The housing deposits will be refunded during the month of March

    Please note; the deposit refunding’s usually takes about 2 weeks for the account department to complete the transfers.
    According to the Danish rent act the International Accommodation Office can keep your deposit up to 6 months to check for extra heating, water and electricity bills. The International Accommodation Office very seldom keeps a deposit this long.

    We refund all deposit as soon as possible after your departure. 

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    What is deducted my housing deposit

    • Possible cleaning bills
    • Repairs beyond normal wear
    • Excessive use of heating
    • Excessive use of electricity
    • Transfer fee
    • Fee for late/missing return of keys to the accommdoation office
    • Fee for late/missing departure slip
    • Relocation fee
    • Some places - laundry bills
    • Transfer fee for a non-Danish bank is DKK 45.00 (March 2013)

    Please note; If you live in an accommodation with shared facilities, all students is equally liable for any possible cleaning bills, regardless your departure date.

    Please be aware that many tenants will receive a cleaning bill, despite the effort to clean.  

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    Departure form, moving out check list & departure guide

    The departure form must be with signature, bank details, and then emailed as a PDF file to the International Accommodation Office.

    For European banks:

    • Name of the account holder
    • Name of the bank
    • IBAN number
    • Swift code

    For overseas:

    • Name of the account holder
    • Name of the bank
    • International account number 

    For Danish banks:

    • Name of the account holder
    • Name of the bank
    • Registration number
    • Account number


    Departure form

    Departure guide

    Moving out check list 


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