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Frequently asked questions

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    Locked out

    You can always pick up a spare key in our office during our working hours.
    If it happens outside our opening hours, you must use a locksmith, please note this is at your own expense. 

    If you google: "Låsesmed Aalborg", you will receive some different companies. Some of them are located in Aalborg and can be there very fast and have a 24-hour service.  

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    When can I apply for accommodation in Aalborg?

    You can apply as soon as you have been conditionally or fully enrolled.

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    When do I receive an accommodation?

    You will receive the accommodation offer no later than one month before your arrival if the application form was completed before July and December. If the application comes later, you will be notified by e-mail as soon as possible. 

    We start allocation around late May/June and late November/December, you will receive an offer by email which you have applied with.

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    How do I get the keys?

    The keys can be picked up when an appoint is made. 

    You can also book a key box approximately 14 days before your arrival If you arrive outside the opening hours.

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    Is it possible to request a certain accommodation?

    No, it is not possible to request certain accommodation. You can ask for a certain accommodation but we cannot guarantee a specific accommodation. We do our best to meet your wishes. 

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    Can i have a second accommodation offer?

    Yes, within the 2 weeks of the offer. You must be specific in what your wishes are.  

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    Rental period

    The rental period is 6 months, regardless of your departure date. The 6-month rule was laid down by the University to meet the requirement for accommodation.

    The periods are from;

    • 1 August to 1 February 
    • 1 February to the 1 August
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    Can i decline my accommodation offer?

    Yes, you have 14 days from the day you have received the offer to decline the accommodation offer.

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    I am staying another semester, what should i do?

    You will receive a letter/e-mail from the IAO in November and May, where we ask if you are staying or leaving, along with some cleaning advice.

    You must:

    • Fill in the departure form and return it to the Accommodation Office.
    • Keep common areas clean.
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    Can I relocate the next semester?

    We cannot guarantee relocation, for the next semester. We will have a look at it when preparing for the coming semester. In the spring semester, it is very difficult to have a reallocation. Relocation to the centre is only possible for degree students. There is an administration fee of DKK 500 for relocation.

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    Do i get my pre-paid deposit reimbursed?

    • Yes, if the Accommodation office can´t allocate you.
    • Yes, if you decline the accommodation offer within 14 days. 
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    When and how will I receive my deposit?

    If you are leaving your accommodation in the summer (June/July/August)

    • After the 15 September

    If you are leaving the accommodation in the winter (December/January/February)

    • After the 15 of March. 

    Prepaid deposit

    The prepaid deposit will be refunded along with the housing deposit. 


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    How big is my room?

    • A room with shared facilities goes from 8 to 27 square meters.
    • A private apartment goes from 20 to 45 square meters.

    It will be stated in the tenancy agreement, which you receive on your arrival. The Accommodation office does not have the possibility to inform you about the actual size before your arrival.

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    How is the square metres calculated?

    In Denmark, the square metres on the tenancy agreement is calculated as the Danish law prescribes. This means a part of the walls (from the outside), commons areas, and hallways is included in that calculation (total grand area).

    • A room with 20 square metres in the contract can have "only" 8 square metres livable.
    • An apartment with 35 square metres in the contract can have "only" 27 square metres livable.  

    We cannot provide the tenants with floor plans. 

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    What are the living expenses for a student in Aalborg?

    You should calculate transportation costs into your overall budget along with costs like insurance, laundry, food, book, study materials, social life, trips etc. The monthly budget recommended is DKK 7500, approximately USD 1.293, or Euro 1.008 to live in Aalborg.

    You can read more on Study in Denmark.


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    Boligstøtte/Accommodation benefit

    International students may not be entitled to government accommodation benefits. If you receive any kind of benefits you´re not entitled to your residence permit can be revoked. 

    Read more on New to Denmark

    Any further questions must be directed to the Danish immigration service.

    Contact New to Denmark


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    Change of address

    When you move to a new address, you must make a notification to the CPR registration office.  Go to LIFEINDENMARK and choose: "Notification of change of address". You must use your NEMID to do so. lifeindenmark





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