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pre-arrival information

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    All rooms and apartments are furnished, including oven, stove, and a refrigerator.

    • Bed (90X200)
    • Desk/Chair
    • Armchair
    • Book case
    • Wardrobe
    • Lamps 

    Kitchen equipment

    • Pots/Pans
    • Plates/Cutlery
    • Glasses/cups
    • Vacuum cleaner where there is a carpet

    The International Accommodation Office do not provide

    • Microwave
    • Coffee machines
    • Kettles
    • Television
    • Iron/Iron board
    • Cleaning articles
    • Bedding
    • Drying rack
    • Toasters

    If you buy furniture during your stay, they must be removed by your departure. We do not have the possibility to remove/store furniture for you.

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    Sample photos

    Please note, this is only examples, the furniture can vary in size, colour and style. The rooms, bathrooms and kitchens will vary in size, style and colour, in the different kind of rooms and apartments.

    Sample photos of an accommodation

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    Special needs or wishes

    If you have any special requirements regarding furniture due to e.g. a disability, you must state this on the Application Form for Accommodation when you apply for accommodation.

    If you wish to accommodate e.g. close to a friend, or a particular area etc. It is important to state it in the application form. We will do our best to meet your requirements although no guarantees are given.

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    Coming with my spouse/partner

    If you need an accommodation for 2 persons, you must state it in your application form. Please note we only have a few apartments available for couples. 

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    There is no relocation guaranteed regardless your wishes in the application form, we have a limited amount of accommodation, and limited possiblities in the spring semester.

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    How many offers?

    Normally you will recieve one offer only. If you have very specific wishes, please write them in your application. 

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    How do i decline the accommodation offer?

    You have 14 days from the date the e-mail with the offer was sent, to reject your accommodation offer. After 14 days the pre-paid deposit will not be reimbursed. If you decline the offer on time, the pre-paid deposit will be refunded in March and September.

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    How do i accept my accommodation offer?

    You need to confirm the accommodation within 2 weeks from our offer by email. If you do not confirm, the accommodation will be allocated to another student and the pre-paid deposit will not be reimbursed. 

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    All our accommodation is self-catered.

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    Authorized staff, employees and contractor appointed by the university may, at any reasonable time enter the residence for the purposes of inspection, cleaning, repairs and maintenance.

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    Cleaning on your arrival

    If you have, a complaint regarding the cleaning on your arrival, pictures and the complaint must be directed by email to the accommodation office within 7 days after your arrival.

    Cleaning during your stay

    The International Accommodation Office do not clean your room or apartment accommodation during your stay. Though it is mandatory for all tenants to keep all areas tidy and clean at any time.

    Places with common areas do have an inspection from time to time. If cleaning is needed you will receive a warning to meet our requirements according to your tenancy agreement. If the common areas still needs cleaning after the second inspection, we will clean without any further warnings. All tenants is liable for the cleaning and the cleaning bill is therefore divided between the tenants.


    Recommended cleaning products

    Recommended cleaning list


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    Disciplinary action may be taken against students engaging in act of vandalism. Therefore please read the house rules given to you on arrival carefully. 

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    We do not accept parties in our accommodations. Please see our house rules for more information. This is a very serious matter that may result in disciplinary proceedings i.e. expulsion from the university and/or compensation claim.

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    It is not allowed to keep pets in any of the rooms and apartment.

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    Arrival date

    You can arrive any day after the start of you agreement. We expect your arrival around the date stated in your application. Please inform us, if there is a big change in your arrival date. 

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    To get the key for your accommodation the rent must be paid.  You will receive an e-mail before arrival stating the exact amount you need to pay in the accommodation offer.

    • The keys can be picked up on Monday to Friday within the office opening hours, unless other agreements have been made with the staff, or your arrival is on the official welcoming days from the International office.
    • You will be requested to sign your tenancy agreement on your arrival. If you arrive on the official welcoming days.
    • If you arrive in the evening, it is your own responsibility to find temporary accommodation. Please see below for short-term stays.
    • The rooms will be available from the 1st in the month by noon. If the 1st is in the weekend or in a public holiday, the keys can be picked up on the first coming working day. 
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    Rental period

    The renting period is always 6 months, regardless your departure date. The 6 month rule was laid down by the University in order to meet the requirement for accommodation.
    The periods are from 1st August to 1st February and 1st February to the 1st August.

    • This means that the tenancy agreement is closed for 6 month at the time, and cannot be resigned.
    • Paying for 6 months also means that the students have access to their rooms for the period paid - i.e. the 6 months. For the spring semester this means from the 1st of February to the 1st of August and for the autumn semester from the 1st of August to the 1st of February. If nothing else is stated in the information sent to you by e-mail.
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    February intake

    For students arriving in the spring semester, the accommodation will not be available before the 1st February. If the 1st is in the weekend, the keys can be picked the first coming working day. It is your own responsibility to find temporary accommodation.

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    Living in Denmark

    There are many new things to deal with when going abroad, such as budget, weather, language, and much more.

    Study in Denmark


    The Danish climate follows four distinct seasons, and the Danes love to talk about the weather, which changes considerably during the year.

    July is normally the warmest month, and February the coldest.

    Because of Denmark's Northern location in Europe, the length of the day varies greatly. The days are short during winter with sunrise around 8am and sunset around 3.30pm. In contrast, the days are beautifully long during summer with sunrise at 3.30am, and late sunsets around 10pm.

    A 'mean' is the average of a weather parameter over a given time span; usually 10 or 30 years.


    The currency in Denmark is called Danish Crowns (DKK). 
    1 Danish Crown equals 100 “Ører” (the Danish cent/penny). 
    1 Danish Crown is approx. EUR 0,13



    Each time you buy bottled drinks, you pay a small deposit for the container (1 DKK). When you reeturn the empty container to the supermakret, you get the deposit back. 

    This applies to both plastic and glass bottles as well as cans, but not wine bottles. Look for the recycling stickers: 

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    Ordinary mail

    In some collegiums you will find your name on the mailbox on arrival. In other accommodations you must put your name on the mailbox in order to receive mail. It is important to have your name on the mailbox for you to receive mails from the commune e.g. CPR registration etc.


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