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    The currency in Denmark is called Danish Crowns (DKK).
    1 Danish Crown equals 100 “Ører” (the Danish cent/penny).
    1 Danish Crown is approx. EUR 0,13.

    If you wish to pay in a different currency than DKK, you can use a currency converter online or your bank can help you with the calculation. If there is a small difference in the payment, up or down, it will be registered on your file, and you will be allocated anyhow.

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    Rent for new students

    The rent has to be paid by bank transfer before arrival; you must bring a receipt of the payment on arrival. It is not possible to pay by credit card or cash. The first time, you will receive the payment information by e-mail in the accommodation offer, along with your accommodation information. The first payment is 3 months´ rent and 2 months´ deposit and the following payment is 3 months’ rent.

    Rent must be paid before arrival to receive the key to your accommodation.

    The rent payment is due on 5 February and 5 April in the spring semester, and 5 August and 5 November for the autumn semester. 

    The rent period is always 6 months, regardless of the time for your examination and departure.

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    Rent for students who is here

    The rent payment is due on 5 February and 5 April in the spring semester, and 5 August and 5 November for the autumn semester.

    You will receive the payment information by e-mail with the amount and bank details. You will receive this a week or two before the payment is due.

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    Included in the rent

    • Internet
    • Heating
    • Maintenance
    • Electricity
    • Water
    • Furniture

    There is access to laundry but is not included in the rent.

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    Rent increases

    Be aware that small price increases can happen, and the legal document is the tenancy agreement, which you will receive upon arrival.
    Total rent is adjusted twice a year (each semester) according to the actual prices paid by Aalborg University and your tenancy agreement. Price increases can be the actual rent, internet, water, heating etc. 

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    The accommodation will be at your disposal

    • From the 1 August to the 27 January (the autumn semester)
    • From the 1 February to the 1 August (the spring semester)

    The University does not possess any accommodations, they are rented. Therefore is the contract for 6 months at the time. 

    • The contract is irrevocable for 6 months
    • The contract will be renewed automatically for another 6 months each semester if needed.

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    Rent not paid in time

    Disciplinary action may be taken against students not paying their rent in time. If necessary the IAO will contact your home university and the faculty at the AAU.


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