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Terms and condition

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    There is a shortage of accommodation for young people, including students. The University, therefore, has made a special effort to ensure housing facilities for the international students by renting rooms in student halls of residence and private houses.

    The contracts with the owner condition that the University is fully responsible for the rent for all 12 months a year.
    As a result, the 6-month-rule was laid down to make ends meet without making a profit. I.e. it is a non-profit service that the University offers to international students.

    • This means that the tenancy agreement is closed for 6 months at the time, and cannot be resigned.
    • Paying for 6 months also means that the students have access to their rooms for the period paid - i.e. the 6 months. For the spring semester, this means from the 1st of February to the 1st of August and for the autumn semester from the 1st of August to the 1st of February. If nothing else is stated in the information sent to you by e-mail.

    The contract can be renewed each semester, you will receive an email with a letter each semester asking if you are leaving or staying. 

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    You are responsible for the cleaning during your stay, both room/apartment and possible common areas. The common areas will be checked from time to time.

    If the accommodation office finds it necessary to have the accommodation or common areas cleaned, the accommodation can be cleaned without any warning at the expense of the tenants as a neglect of the tenancy agreement.

    If you live in a place with shared facilities, all tenants are liable for any possible cleaning bills regardless of your departure.

    Please note; that any disagreement with the cleaning of your room/apartment/common areas at your arrival, you must report it to the International Accommodation Office by email within a couple of days after your arrival.

    We will inspect the room/apartment after your departure and might have your accommodation cleaned, this is a decision made by staff at the International Accommodation Office.

    In apartments with common areas, all students are liable for any possible cleaning bills, regardless of the date of their departure.

    Any possible cleaning bill is NOT negotiable.

    I you find it difficult to keep common areas cleaned due to indifference between the tenants, the accommodation office must be contacted. You can also find a checklist here with our cleaning recommendations.

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    It is not allowed to keep pets in any of our rooms and apartments.

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    Code of conduct

    Everybody in University accommodation has the right to feel comfortable and secure and has the right to enjoy the freedom to experience life in their way, provided this does not adversely affect others. Sometimes other students will inevitably have different ideas of what communal living means and occasionally these ideas may be incompatible with your outlook or views. Sometimes you may have to compromise. It is important to try to empathise with others.
    You are reminded that a breach of your tenancy agreement automatically becomes a University disciplinary matter.

    Any disagreement with roommates can be discussed in the accommodation office confidentially.
    The University reserves the right to report to the police all allegations of illegal activities (e.g. taking drugs, acts of violence, theft).

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    House rules

    The house rules are a part of the tenancy agreement.

    House rules

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    Force Majeure

    While the University will take reasonable steps to supply heating, water, electricity and internet, the IAO cannot guarantee a continuous supply and will not be held liable for any loss, or damage resulting from the failure on the part of the service provider to supply such services and which are reasonably beyond the University’s control. This clause does not intend to exclude liability for damage or loss suffered by the student which is as a result of the University’s negligence.

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    Authorized staff, employees and contractors appointed by the university may, at any reasonable time enter the residence for inspection, cleaning, repairs and maintenance.

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    We do not accept parties in any accommodation assigned by the IAO. Please read our house rules and party rules for more information. This is a very serious matter that may result in disciplinary proceedings i.e. expulsion from the university and/or compensation claim.

    Party rules

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    Disciplinary action may be taken against students engaging in acts of vandalism. Therefore please read the house rules given to you on arrival carefully.

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    How many can we live in my accommodation

    Your accommodation is for 1 person only, unless something else is stated in the accommodation offer. You can of course have a visitor, but for living we are obligated to follow the rules of the municipality.

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    How do I decline the accommodation offer

    You have 14 days from the date the e-mail with the offer was sent, to reject your accommodation offer. After 14 days the pre-paid deposit will not be reimbursed. If you decline the offer on time, the pre-paid deposit will be refunded along with the ordinary housing deposit during September and March.

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    The accommodation from the university is non-smoking. If you anyhow smoke in the apartment, all costs for paint and furniture will be deducted from your deposit.


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