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General information


All rooms and apartments have internet access. Some rooms/apartments have wifi but also cabled internet in order to secure a good connexion. The accommodation office does not provide the cable. Cables can be purchased in most electric shops.
The price for using the Internet varies from the companies who provide the service.


All rooms and apartments have access to laundry facilities close by. The expenses for laundry service is not included in the rent, but is accounted for each month. 

Some places laundry bills will be deducted your deposit on departure. Laundry brick will be handed out along with the keys for your accommodation on arrival. There are a few places where you must by a laundry card and charge it. 

Washing and drying varies from DKK 10,00 to DKK 15,00.


The International Accommodation Office will not clean the accommodation during your stay. That is the tenant’s responsibility. Lack of cleaning is a neglect of your tenancy agreement.

If you live in a place with shared facilities, you are all liable for any possible cleaning bills regardless your departure.


Please note, that you will only be allocated accommodation once by the International Accommodation Office.

If you have moved in and decide to leave the accommodation, you will not receive any other accommodation offers by the International Accommodation Office and the rent you have paid will not be reimbursed.

If you find accommodation by yourself, the University cannot help you with furniture and kitchen equipment. You should be aware that accommodation in Denmark is very seldom furnished.


Authorized staff, employees and contractor appointed by the University may, at any reasonable time enter the residence for the purposes of cleaning, inspection, repair and maintenance, without any previous appointment.


Disciplinary action may be taken against students engaging in act of vandalism. Please read the given house rules.


The University does not have any insurance to cover any possible theft, fire etc. We strongly recommend that you take out adequate insurance while studying in Denmark. The following insurance coverage is recommended:

  • Third-party liability insurance (‘ansvarsforsikring’) – covering expenses if you have to pay compensation to another person
  • Accident insurance (‘ulykkesforsikring’) – covering the financial consequences of an accident
  • Home insurance (‘indboforsikring’) – for your personal belongings
  • Car insurance (‘bilforsikring’) – If you bring a car with you, please make sure it is properly insured. If you decide to take out the insurance in Denmark, try contacting some of the larger insurance companies. Their websites are in English. 


Do you have questions concerning  applications, prepaid deposit or questions regarding rent payments, rent increases and AAU contracts?

We are ready to help you.

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