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List of accommodation

Esbjerg Højskole

This building is located 3 minutes walk from campus. It is a room with private bathroom and shared kitchen.


Prices updated November 2019

  • Deposit DKK  4.500,00 (EUR 590,00).
  • Monthly rent: DKK  2.250,00 (EUR 300).

Room at Hedelund.

The property is a house with 4 rooms. There is 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen shared by the students.

The house is 10-15 min by bike or bus from campus.


Prices updated November 2019

  • Deposit: DKK 3.900,00 (EUR 520).
  • Monthly rent: DKK 2.300,00 (EUR 310).

Møllebæk & Vognsbøl Kollegiet

This property is a dormitory from 1987, 5 minutes walk from campus.


Prices is updated November 2018

Apartment for 1 person with with own ”small” kitchen and bathroom.

  • Deposit: DKK 5.500,00 (EUR 740).
  • Monthly rent: DKK 2.200,00 (EUR 300).

Apartment for 2 persons with own room and shared  bathroom and kitchen.

  • Deposit: DKK 4.500,00 (EUR 600) per person.
  • Monthly rent: DKK 2.200,00 (EUR 300) per person.


This property is a dormitory from 1969, 3 minutes walk from campus. it is private rooms with private bathroom and shared kitchen.


Prices updated November 2019

  • Deposit: DKK 5.500,00 (EUR 740).
  • Monthly rent: DKK 2.300,00 (EUR 310).


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