International Accomodation Office Esbjerg


Pre-arrival information

When do i receive news about my accommodation

You will receive more information by e-mail, along with price and address approximately 1 month before arrival.


All rooms are furnished, with access to an oven, stove, and a refrigerator.

  • Bed (90X200)
  • Desk/Chair
  • Wardrobe
  • Lamps

Kitchen equipment

  • Pots/Pans
  • Plates/Cutlery
  • Glasses/cups

The International Accommodation Office do not provide

  • Microwave
  • Coffee machines
  • Kettles
  • Television
  • Iron/Iron board
  • Articles for cleaning
  • Bedding
  • Dryer for close
  • Toasters

Specials needs or wishes

If you have any special requirements regarding furniture due to e.g. a disability, you must state this on the Application Form for Accommodation when you apply for accommodation.

If you wish to accommodate e.g. close to a friend, or a particular area etc. It is important to state it in the application form. We will do our best to meet your requirements although no guarantees are given.

I am coming with my spouse/partner

If you need an accommodation for 2 persons, you have to state it in your application form. Please note we only have a few available.

How many offers

You will only receive one accommodation offer only. If you have very specific wishes, please write them in your application. 

How do I accept my accommodation

You need to confirm the accommodation within 2 weeks from our offer by email. If you don´t confirm, the accommodation will be allocated to another student and the pre-paid deposit will not be reimbursed. 


All our accommodation is self-catered.


Authorized staff, employees and contractor appointed by the university may, at any reasonable time enter the residence for the purposes of inspection, cleaning, repairs and maintenance.


The International Accommodation Office will not clean the accommodation during your stay. That is the tenant’s responsibility. If we somehow think the accommodation needs cleaning, we will have the accommodation cleaned on the expense on the tenant without any warnings.
If you live in a place with shared facilities, you are all liable for any possible cleaning bills regardless your departure.


We do not accept parties in our accommodations. Please see our house rules for more information. This is a very serious matter that may result in disciplinary proceedings i.e. expulsion from the university and/or compensation claim.


It is not allowed to keep pets. 

Arrival date

It is important that you arrive on the date stated in your application form/arrival form. If you are delayed due to visa problems or any other reason, please inform the International Accommodation Office at once. Your accommodation will be reserved for you for two weeks only, unless something else have been agreed. After 14 days the accommodation will be allocated to another student.

Mail box

In some collegiums you will find your name on the mailbox on arrival. In other accommodations you must put your name on the mailbox in order to receive mail. It is important to have your name on the mailbox for you to receive mails from the municipality like health insurance card, cpr number etc


Disciplinary action may be taken against students engaging in act of vandalism. Please read the given house rules.


Do you have questions concerning  applications, prepaid deposit or questions regarding rent payments, rent increases and AAU contracts?

We are ready to help you.

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