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Dantong Li - Communication Specialist at Envision Energy

Dantong Li chose Aalborg University because of two main reasons; her child memories about the fariy tales of H.C. Andersen and the many opportunities in working in a student environment with problem based learning.

What have I done with my degree and competences from Aalborg University?

I am working with the same field as I have studied at AAU, and the PBL teaching model made me a perfect team member. However, the strong theoretical knowledge enriches my competencies for my current job. I think it is a very good combination.

What are the best memories from my years at Aalborg University?

Attending different lectures that you can always find something that attracts you as well as the discussions with the professors who are always patiently and very knowledgeable. Besides that I was very lucky to be selected as a Youth Good Will Ambassadors of Denmark. I participated in a lot of different events, and I also got to know more international students, which also means a lot to me.

What made me want to study in denmark, and why did I choose Aalborg University?

Back in 2008 I worked as volunteer during The Olympic Games in Beijing, and I had a chance to work closely with the Danish national teams and I am very impressed by what they told me about Denmark. Also when I was very little my parents usually read H.C. Andersen's fairytales to me. Finally in 2012 I had a chance to visit Denmark together with my university and we got a chance to visit AAU and heard a presentation about PBL and further study opportunities, so I thought it would be nice to try something completely new and get some international experiences myself. Therefore I chose to study at Aalborg University.

What made me choose my specific programme, and would I have chosen different today?

I think cross-cultural communication or intercultural communication has always been my interests and I have strong passion towards this field, which I would love to work with in the future. Besides by studying this program I can be a cultural ambassador or the bridge between Denmark and China, which I can help both sides to understand each other better, and work with each other better. I feel it is an honor to do that.

What were my dreams for the future when I graduated?

To find a good job in Denmark where I can use my competences or continue with a PhD study.

Am I presently working in Denmark?

Yes, I am working as Communication Specialist at Envision Energy (Denmark) at the moment. In the company we are working with wind energy and wind turbines. It is a Chinese company, but the Global Innovation Center which is the R&D team is located in Denmark. Actually, we have different offices in Hamburg, London and Paris.

My employment since graduation?

After I graduated I focused on learning and improving my Danish language skills, because I think it is very necessary if you want to find a full-time job in Denmark. I worked as translator and interpreter in Tolkeservice Aalborg as freelancer. However I had received different tasks during that time. Since I did my internship at EUC NORD in Hjoerring, I also continued teaching and helping them with the cooperation they have with China.

A typical work day for me

During my working days I am mainly responsible for the communication between our Danish office and the headquarter in Shanghai, China. I have different meetings with the Shanghai office. Moreover I have regular meetings with other offices in Europe. For example, we have Center of Excellence in Hamburg, Germany, and I have meetings with them regarding to different projects. Besides the communication tasks I am also closely working with our HR Partner and Administration team.

What are my current dreams for the future?

I really hope I can make a difference in the company as well as gaining more professional experience.

What does it mean to me that Aalborg University still has an interest in me after graduation?

I will always remember the experience of working with students from all over the world, which I believe I can always benefit from. Since my company is in the wind energy industry and AAU has one of the most famous Energy Department, I hope that we can collaborate with AAU in the future.

My best career advice for students and newly graduates?

Try to learn the Danish language and maybe you will find out that it is not as hard as you first thought. Secondly try to find an internship. It is the best way to get to know the job market.

Anything else which is relevant to mention about my time at Aalborg University?

During my studies at Aalborg University I was a member of the Youth Good Will Ambassadors of Denmark, which now is called Young Professionals in Denmark. I think it is a great opportunity both to enlarge your network and also get to know the Danish job market.

About Dantong Li

  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Programme at AAU: Culture Communication and Globalization focus on organization and leadership
  • Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
  • Campus: Aalborg
  • Year of graduation: 2016
  • Current employment: Envision Energy