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Miguel Oliveira – Project Coordinator at International House North Denmark

"I had a great time doing voluntary work while studying at AAU, and I strongly suggest you to join an organisation where you could put your competences to work, or simply meet new people, eventually develop your Danish language skills."

What have you done with your degree and competency from AAU?

My studies at AAU were fundamental for shaping the person I am today. The humanistic orientation of my studies made me become very conscious about new social and cultural phenomena. It also provided me tools to work with people from different nationalities, understand different business organisations and cultures, and become ready for change. All in all, I feel I have learned how thoroughly one can analyse and study any organisation.

What are the best memories from your student years?

I had plenty of great times while studying at AAU.

To begin with, I met dozens of new people. It was interesting to meet and get to know so many different people, coming from different countries.

On top of that, I became a member of one volunteering organisation - Aalborg Student Radio. We had so much fun! We did radio shows, we conducted interviews, we planned and developed reportages, we produced radio jingles, and we even organised events for more than 500 people. We shared plenty of good times while doing all that, and I strongly suggest you to join an organisation where you could put your competences to work, or simply meet new people, eventually develop your Danish language skills.

What made you choose your specific programme, and would you have done anything different today?

I chose the famous “CCG” programme immediately after studying the entire program curriculum. I was really eager to get the tools to study contemporary phenomenons such as internationalisation. I noticed that we would be introduced and learn about so many appealing topics like intercultural communication, multicultural management or diversity management to name a few.

If I could do something differently, I guess that I would do all my respective projects in a group - not individually. I remember I did two projects alone, for different reasons, but now I can clearly see the benefits of group work! 

What made you want to study in Denmark at Aalborg University?

To be very honest, I was attracted to Denmark primarily for its inexistent tuition fees. That alone had its big weight on my final decision. But I was definitively also influenced by having the opportunity to live in another country for more than a year (something I have done in the past as well). I remember talking to myself and posing questions like “are you sure you want this?”. At some point, I just stopped thinking, and became ultimately exited with having something new at that point of my life. 

Are you presently working in Denmark?

I graduated in June 2015, and since then I have been actively looking for an employment opportunity.

Meanwhile, I had the chance to do two professional internships - where I could learn and practice what I have learned from the university, and also understand how poorly I was doing in some aspects.

Now, I am enjoying a subsidised employment in one of Aalborg municipality’s departments. I hope that during these months I will be able to have fun, learn a lot, and be a valuable local public service asset.

A typical working day for me

A typical working day for me would start with a short, but refreshing bike journey to the International House North Denmark - located right in the city centre. I would then pour some good brewed coffee in a cup, and I would get started with the to-do list of the day.

Usually, I will start with some ad-hoc tasks that need to be done on a daily basis, and I would then put my attention to the different projects I am working on at the moment. I need, for example, to coordinate the different aspects of the projects - such as contacting different people, developing organisational documents for the projects, writing new activity plans and similar things.

Then I do also try to be a positive influence in our team, and building, and in that way, I make sure I water the plants we have, and actually talk a little with everyone in the office. Of course in the middle of all these activities, I also enjoy a nice lunch with the team, where we usually gossip the latest news or what we did the previous afternoon. 

My dreams for the future

I strive more and more to focus on the things I love to do. In this sense, I think that one of the most important dreams I have is to be happy doing what I love to do. I think that one challenge nowadays for us youngsters is to sustain ourselves financially doing the things we really love to, and I am confident my future will be influenced by that! 

About Miguel

  • Name: Miguel Oliveira
  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Programme at AAU: Culture, Communication and Globalisation
  • Year of graduation: 2015
  • Current employment: Project Coordinator - International House North Denmark