Business Data Science

The MSc programme in Business Data Science prepares you for a career in a variety of data driven business areas, ranging from business analytics and data driven decision making to the application and implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence in business development and entrepreneurship. You will learn essential technical and business-related skills applied in different industries and varying data contexts.

You will learn:

  • Using data science and machine learning techniques in business
  • Data-driven business development
  • Responsible and ethical application of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies in business

Businesses are constantly becoming more digitalised and data driven. With that, there is a growing demand to combine domain expertise with technical skills to spot opportunities and successfully compete in the marketplace. Following the Aalborg Problem Based Learning (PBL) model, you will learn to work with a variety of data types and algorithms to extract insights and forecast relevant developments.

The focus will primarily be on the intuitive understanding and practical application of data driven methods rather than the underlying mathematical concepts. You will work with industry-standard programming languages and platforms and explore approaches to prototype development and deployment of data driven applications. While doing so, you will be exposed to common business analytics applications as well as state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques used across a variety of industries. Based on this you get the possibility to explore how data science techniques can be used both within organisations and to develop new businesses.  

Working with data that describes persons or their behaviour comes with having to comply with legal and ethical standards, which will be covered to enable you to be responsible and sustainable in the application of your skills. Aalborg University Business School (AAUBS) has a strong track record of applying data science methodologies in research and business collaborations. The programme has been developed building on these experiences to provide you with a sound combination of practical skill, building on a strong foundation of theoretical concepts.

Upon graduation, you will be able to:

  • design, develop and manage data-driven business models applications and projects
  • perform all key steps of the data science pipeline, including data sourcing, pre-processing, modelling, and communication
  • develop and deploy data-driven applications business settings
  • use insights to manage strategic decisions of the company or provide inputs for business development
  • ensure that data analysis and applications comply with legal and ethical standards

When graduated, you will get a master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration with specialisation in Business Data Science.

Study Method at AAU - Problem Based Learning

Study Method at AAU - Problem Based Learning

The study method at AAU is called Problem Based Learning (PBL). Together with your fellow students you will work with real life problems by way of problem based project work.

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