Urban, Energy and Environmental Planning, Master

Environmental Management and Sustainability Science

Are you interested in how companies and societies can become more sustainable? In this programme you are given flexibility to design your own strong profile within Environmental Management and Sustainability Science. Read more on these pages or go directly to the programme’s webpage:


The Master’s Programme in Urban, Energy and Environmental Planning with specialisation in Environmental Management and Sustainability Science at Aalborg University, Denmark, is directed at science and engineering students who are interested in topics related to sustainability and environmental management. The programme is designed to meet these new challenges, by integrating inputs from the social and human sciences into the study of planning and engineering. The focus is on how firms, governments, and other organisations can support sustainable development in an economically efficient and socially acceptable manner. 

The aim of the programme is to provide you with an understanding of the leading theories and practical experiences within environmental management and sustainability. The programme enables you to define and solve environmentally related problems in the business world as well as in public organisations and the broader society.

You will work with questions like:

  • What can you do to reduce the environmental strains of electronic products?
  • How can you, in an enterprise, use environmental management to reduce environmental and climatic strains?
  • How can we secure a sustainable development in an interplay with public authorities?
  • How can technology changes be carried through so that we secure a sustainable development?

Read about the academic content of the Master's Programme in Environmental Management and Sustainability Science at Aalborg University.

Study Method at AAU - Problem Based Learning

Study Method at AAU - Problem Based Learning

The study method at AAU is called Problem Based Learning (PBL). Together with your fellow students you will work with real life problems by way of problem based project work.

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