Information for Parents

International students can commence their studies at Aalborg University (AAU) confident in the knowledge that AAU does its utmost to ensure that all students at the University have a pleasant stay. Below you'll find information about being an international student at AAU and information about Denmark in general.

Being a new international student at AAU

Arrival at Aalborg University

Aalborg University has arranged a number of steps to ensure a great start for all international students at AAU in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen. 

On AAU's homepage for new students you can learn more about:

The Buddy network at AAU

All new international students at the University in Aalborg and Esbjerg have the opportunity of being allocated a Buddy, who is also a student at AAU. A Buddy can offer advice and guidance and help to give new international students a great start to their life as a student at Aalborg University.

Map of AAU in Denmark

Aalborg University has campus areas in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen. The main campus of Aalborg University is located in the southeastern part of Aalborg.


Information about Denmark in general

Denmark – a safe country

Denmark is one of the most peaceful countries in the world with the lowest crime rate. Therefore, international students need not worry about their safety when studying at Aalborg University. However, as is the case everywhere in the world, one should always travel with care in the public sphere.

Language in Denmark

Danish has a reputation for being a difficult language to learn and pronounce. However, international students should not fear that they cannot be understood in Denmark as the majority of Danes both speak and write English very well. Particularly at the University, everyone knows English and, in addition, many also speak e.g. Spanish, French and German.

Living and housing expenses in Denmark

Quite a few international students will probably find that living expenses in Denmark are higher than in their home country. Of course, this depends on individual needs and expenditure and also which part of the world you come from. Food expenses are normally around DDK 2,000 per month. The currency in Denmark is called Danish Crowns (DKK). DDK 1 equals ører 100, which is approx. EUR 0.13.

Travelling in Denmark

For many international students, an important aspect of staying abroad is the chance to travel around in the country where they study and perhaps also the neighbouring countries. Geographically, Denmark is a relatively small country with en extensive public transport system, and Aalborg, Esbjerg as well as Copenhagen offer bus and train connections to the surrounding areas as well as the rest of Denmark. The bus system in the cities is simple and reliable, and international flight and train connections are available from the three university towns. 

Green living and a healthy environment

Environmental and climate policy is of high priority in Denmark, both nationally and locally in the municipalities. We are far ahead in terms of green energy and part of our energy demand is covered by alternative energy, e.g. wind power. Environmental considerations are important in the Danish way of life – many Danes living in cities cycle instead of using their car, for instance. Many AAU students cycle to University every day, although Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen offer excellent public transport options.

The Danish welfare system

Like the other Scandinavian countries, Denmark is one of the most equal and affluent societies in the world. The Danish welfare system ensures free health care for Danish citizens and foreigners who hold a residence permit for Denmark. Thus, international students at AAU are also eligible to use this welfare benefit.

Danish working culture and job possibilities in Denmark

Similarly to Aalborg University, the working culture in the Danish labour market is team-oriented and based on informal and open dialogue between management and employees. Maintaining a healthy balance between your private life and your work life is of great importance in the Danish society. It is possible for international students at AAU to apply for a student job while studying in Denmark and, once they have graduated, they may apply for full-time work here. However, be aware of the fact that in general, it can be difficult to find student or full-time work in Denmark. Look for student jobs in AAU’s job bank.