Group Work at Aalborg University

Group Work at Aalborg University

At Aalborg University, students usually do their problem based project work in groups. Typically, you will be part of a group consisting of 4-5 students. Each semester, the group completes a large assignment called a project. You form the groups yourselves depending on your academic interests.

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The advantages of group work at AAU

The group work ensures a great variety of approaches and perspectives, which results in a sound and thoroughly prepared project. Together, you are able to discuss the details thoroughly. At the same time, you are able to solve larger and more complex problems than if you were studying on an individual basis. Each of you has the opportunity to shape the project because group work requires that everyone contributes. If you have any academic questions you may also discuss these with your friends in the group.

You learn how to cooperate

During group work you will quickly realise that you might have different opinions about how to solve a problem. Group work means that you have to compromise and you will learn a lot about how to cooperate. Group work is very popular on the modern labour market so both you and your future workplace will benefit from the skills in cooperation you have acquired at AAU.

Make new friends

When you work in a group you spend quite some time together and you will quickly get to know your fellow students. You plan your own work hours, which makes it possible to do other things apart from project work. Group work gives you a chance to meet new friends with whom you can go to the cinema or a café in your spare time. If you prefer working on your own, this is also possible. Project work in groups throughout your entire education is not a requirement at AAU.

Group rooms at Aalborg University

A large part of Aalborg University consists of group rooms where you can meet up and discuss your project. However, you must be prepared to share the room with other groups as the number of group rooms at AAU is not unlimited. Usually, this does not cause any problems and in some cases it might actually help inspire your project work. It is up to you how often you want to use the group room – presupposing, of course, that it is vacant. You may also choose to hold work meetings at home or at Aalborg University Library, AUB, which is very popular amongst international students.

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Group work - a very constructive experience

Group work - a very constructive experience

“The group work offered me the chance to interact with people from different academic backgrounds and different countries. The experience was very constructive because I could learn a lot from the others and share my knowledge with them.

Likewise, I have gained a lot in terms of interpersonal skills and taking responsibility. And last but not least, group work can lead to beautiful friendships.”

Cosmina Ionela Pulbere, Development and International Relations