Teaching methods at Aalborg University

Teaching methods at Aalborg University

At Aalborg University, a large part of your knowledge is acquired through project work with your group, but also through more traditional teaching methods. The relationship between teachers and students is dialogue-based and very informal, so do ask if in doubt about anything.

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attending lectures

At AAU you will attend several lectures. You are responsible for your own learning and so, attending the lectures is a good idea. Depending on what you study, the teaching form may span from seminars to laboratory work and typically you will be taught by a lecturer. During a semester, you will have 2 to 6 series of lectures each consisting of up to 15 lectures.

A distinction is made between two types of lectures : Project unit courses and study unit courses.

Inspiration for the project

During project unit courses, you and your group can find inspiration for your project if you are finding it difficult to decide on a topic and a problem. The series of lectures falls within the overall theme of the individual semester and gives you an insight into a specific subject. The lecturer will go over e.g. methods and theories that you can use in the project.

General lectures at AAU

The study unit courses give you a more general basic knowledge within your subject area and provide breadth in your education. Sometimes the lecturer might encourage you and your fellow students to actively participate in the teaching, for instance, by doing a presentation. This is a very educational experience and therefore an opportunity you should embrace.

Dedicated lecturers

At AAU you will be presented with the most recent scientific knowledge within the different research areas and you are taught by dedicated lecturers. Teaching at AAU is research-based as your lecturers conduct research in the subject area that they teach. Therefore, the educational material often comprises articles from current journals. If you have any academic questions, just ask your lecturer.

External knowledge

During your studies, you will get a chance to hear more about how the theories and methods you are being taught can be used in practice. Some teachers at AAU invite people from e.g. the corporate sector to do guest lectures. On other occasions, the University will hold conferences etc. where you can hear a 'guru' within your subject area. These opportunities should never be missed. 

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Informal Student-Teacher Relationship

Informal Student-Teacher Relationship

“The way of working at AAU is totally different than what I am used to, it is more organised and the environment is better for the students.

From what I am used to, there is a long distance between professors and students, but at AAU the professors are friendly. They are really interested in the students and your project supervisor is very helpful, so you are not left on your own.”

Evangelia Vourlioti, Human Centered Informatics