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Study Engineering at Europe's best Engineering University

Study Engineering at Europe's best Engineering University


Study Engineering at Aalborg University

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Study Engineering at Aalborg University

Why study Engineering at Aalborg University?

Wide range of Engineering Programmes

You will find a full range of engineering programmes at Aalborg University with more than 30 MSc programmes (postgraduate programmes) and with different specialisations in many of the postgraduate programmes.

Solve real problems

Aalborg University's internationally recognized pedagogical approach, PBL (Problem-based learning), is based on "learning-by-doing" through group work. This means that as part of your engineering education, you work with others and find solutions to real-world problems. This pedagogical approach enables you to acquire the project and collaboration skills that many engineering companies demand, in particular:

  • The ability to collaborate
  • The ability to communicate understandably and effectively
  • The ability to understand processes and organize the work accordingly

Work closely with companies

Aalborg University's engineering programmes have a tradition of closely collaborating with the business community. In fact, the university's pedagogical approach allows engineering students to create solutions and new knowledge in conjunction with companies. Not just for a week or two, but for an entire semester (1/2 year) and perhaps even longer. This gives depth to your engineering education and a network that can put you on a career path when you graduate as an engineer.

Be taught by leading researchers 

At Aalborg University, you are taught by active researchers, many of whom are international leaders in their field. This means that engineering students gets a high-quality engineering degree based on the latest research and technology in the field of engineering.

Highly recognized Engineering Programmes 

Aalborg University's engineering programmes meet a range of international standards and requirements, which ensures high quality in teaching and a clear business-oriented focus. Aalborg University's engineering programmes have quality stamps from several international academic organisations including CDIO, CESAER and SEFI. 

Experts say you should study at Aalborg University, because...

The MIT Report was published in march 2018, and it is Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who commisioned it - one of the best technical universities in the world.

They asked 178 leading experts from the field of engineering programmes to evaluate education from all over the world - not based on a list, but based on their own experience and knowledge. 

The resons for placing AAU that high on the list can be especially interesting for you as a potential student, because it tells you about the quality of the education that awaits you. Our engineering programmes are especially recommended for: 

  • Problembased programmes with teaching that takes its starting point from real life problems
  • A constant awareness on giving the students the best possible learning
  • A high level of personal and professional skills for the graduates
  • Teaching, that meets the challenges of the labour market
  • Research of a high quality, that has inspired other universities