Study in Scandinavia - reasons for choosing AAU

Aalborg University (AAU) is located in Denmark in Scandinavia. As a student at AAU you acquire knowledge and competences by way of AAU’s unique study method “The Aalborg Model for Problem Based Learning (PBL)”. Below you'll find a list of reasons for choosing to study at Aalborg University.

Reasons for choosing to study at Aalborg University


The Aalborg Model for Problem Based Learning (PBL)

Aalborg University’s study method, The Aalborg Model for Problem Based Learning (PBL) is highly respected both nationally and internationally. The study method is also known as problem based project work and, in brief, this means that in each semester you work closely together with a group of fellow students on a large written assignment. The group work at AAU equips you well for the labour market where skills in cooperation are popular. At the same time, group work also entails an important academic and social dimension.

No tuition for students from the EU/EEA and AAU partner universities

If you are a student from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland or a student from one of AAU’s partner universities outside of the EU/EEA, you will not be charged any tuition fee, which means that you can study at Aalborg University for free. As a student from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland, you are also exempt from paying an application fee. Students from outside the EU/EEA who are not enrolled at one of AAU’s partner universities are required to pay tuition. 

Informal Student-Teacher Relationship

At AAU, students and professors are at a first-name basis and you will always be encouraged to speak your mind during lectures. If you have any academic or practical questions, you are always welcome to ask.

Teaching in the group work room

Friendships through Group Work

Working in groups gives you the opportunity of quickly getting to know your fellow students at AAU and thereby, you have the chance of building a network that you can use in your professional life and the chance of making friends.

Academic English at a High Level

Professors at AAU hail from all over the world, but all teach in English at a high level. Even outside of the university, you will find that the Danes’ English proficiency level is very high, just as some Danes speak a number of other languages including German, French and Spanish.

Danish/Scandinavian values

Individual freedom, freedom of speech, equal rights and possibilities for everyone, solidarity, respect and tolerance are central values in the democratic Scandinavian societies. Furthermore, Danish legislation ensures religious freedom for all citizens and prevents discrimination on the basis of gender, race or sexual orientation. The majority of Danes are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, which is supported by the State. However, religion has very little influence on the governance of the country, the educational system and everyday life in Denmark.

Free health insurance

As an international student at AAU with a residence permit for Denmark, you are eligible to free health care via the yellow national health service medical card - just like any Danish citizen. The card entitles you to free medical treatment and hospitalisation in Denmark.


Denmark - a Safe Place

Denmark - a Safe Place

"I feel very safe here. The fact that some of the Danish people sleep with their door open or they do not close their garage makes me feel like I am in a world without thieves."

Alina Scumpieru, Indoor Environmental Engineering - Master programme