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Accommodation for international students in Aalborg

Accommodation for international students in Aalborg

Accommodation office

Types of accommodation

  • Single room (private room) with shared facilities (shared kitchen and bathroom) with other students in a dormitory.
  • Small one-person (studio apartment) flat with private bathroom and kitchen. (Private facilities)   
  • Single (private room) room in an apartment/house shared by 2, 3 and 5 students, with a shared bathroom and kitchen. 
  • Apartments for couples, please note we only have a few available.

All rooms are private.

Your accommodation is for 1 person only, unless you have applied for 2 persons. You can of course have a visitor, but for living we are obligated to follow the rules of the municipality.


Monthly from DKK 3200,00 and goes up to DKK 4500,00. The average monthly price is DKK 3950,00 (Edited December 2023)

Apartment for couples monthly rent from DKK 5700,00 to DKK 6500,00 (Edited December 2023)

Rent is paid for 3 months at the time. 


Housing through AAU

Contact Aalborg

Accommodation for international students in Aalborg
Student application
Email IntAccommodationOffice@adm.aau.dk
Phone +45 99409659
PhD & staff application
Michael G. Arentsen
Email IntAccommodationOffice@adm.aau.dk
Phone +45 99409659
Janitor - repairs and renovation
Dan Nødbak Andersen
Email dan@adm.aau.dk or IntAccommodationOffice@adm.aau.dk
Phone +45 99409688
Where to find us
Aalborg University Aalborg
Fredrik Bajers Vej 1
9220 Aalborg Ø.

You must make an appointment in advance by email for a meeting.

Wednesday - closed for personal meetings.