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Accommodation for PhD and staff in Copenhagen

Accommodation for PhD and staff in Copenhagen

The International Accommodation Office at Aalborg University Campus Copenhagen at the moment doesn’t have any rooms or apartments for international staff, visiting researchers, nor PhD students available.

AAU CPH is very aware of the shortage of housing opportunities in Copenhagen, and we are continuously on the lookout and networking, trying to arrange for additional accommodation options.

As our office supports primarily international students please make sure to get in touch with the international staff unit at AAU: https://www.isu.aau.dk/ 

Waiting list for staff & PhD's

Occasionally our office receives offers for available apartments from private housing owners specifically looking for staff, researchers or PhD’s.

If you registre at our office you can receive these offers by e-mail. Please send your request to be enrolled in the list to: accommodation@cph.aau.dk

Write in the subject: “request for the accommodation list PhD / Staff AAU".

Please specify the department at AAU CPH where you are going to work, the expected time span, and the contact details of the secretary/contact person.

Please make sure to visit our student accommodation website to find guides on searching for accommodation and guidelines to avoid housing scams: 

Finding housing in Copenhagen

For now our office cannot offer you with an accommodation solution, you need to find housing in Copenhagen on your own. 

Find more information on finding housing in CPH here: https://www.en.aau.dk/living-in-denmark/accommodation/international-students-in-copenhagen

Housing for PhD students

Student halls do often not allow PhD students as their tenants but some privately owned student halls offer housing to PhD students too. 

Accommodation prices start from DKK 5.000 pr. month and can get even more expensive (depending on how much privacy you wish for), but they might have great modern facilities and rooms ready and shorter waiting lists. The deposit is usually 3 months* and you will probably have to pay 1 month's rent in advance too. 

Here are some links to private housing companies where you can read more about the options and how to register on their waiting list, inquire at these housing companies directly:










*IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that private housing companies almost always will keep a part of your deposit when you leave the accommodation to renovate the whole room including floors and walls. Pay attention to §11 in the rental contract that you receive to sign. To have a better idea of the total sum of your accommodation through private housing companies, we, therefore, recommend you calculate all-inclusive rent per month.
Calculate 20-60% of the deposit that you need to pay, divide this sum by the amount of months that you rent your room and add the result on top of the rent per month. In this way you can adjust your expectations and prepare your budget in a safer way - renting through commercial housing companies is expensive. Always inquire about this first at the housing company.

Contact Copenhagen

Accommodation for international students in Copenhagen
Contact International Accommodation Office
Contact us by email
accommodation@cph.aau.dk or
Where to find us
The Accommodation Office is located at:
Shared Services CPH,
A. C. Meyers Vænge 15, 4th floor,
2450 København SV

To book a meeting with us please write to us at accommodation@cph.aau.dk