Other PhD opportunities at AAU

Other PhD opportunities at AAU

At Aalborg University (AAU), you can apply to become a PhD student without being employed at the University. Before applying, you must make sure that your application meets the requirements specified on the websites of the AAU doctoral schools.

The following other opportunities for PhD studies are available at AAU:

  • Self-financed PhD studies
    You can apply for enrolment as a self-financed PhD student, which means that you will pay all costs connected to your studies. These costs will depend on the individual doctoral school and PhD programme.
  • Industrial PhD studies
    You can apply for enrolment as an industrial PhD student in cooperation with the company where you are employed and the relevant doctoral school. Your company will be responsible for applying to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science for financial support for the project. It is a requirement that you are employed in a Danish company or a Danish department of an international company.
  • Co-financed PhD studies
    If your employer or another party is willing to finance all or part of your PhD studies, it is possible to collaborate with AAU on a PhD project, provided that the project is strategically and academically relevant for the doctoral school.
  • PhD assessment without programme enrolment.
    You can also submit material for assessment in order to obtain a PhD degree without having been enrolled in a PhD programme. This particular approach requires that your material was prepared under supervision of a qualified supervisor, and that you meet the current requirements for PhD students. Further information on this particular option is available on the individual websites of the doctoral schools.


For further information on PhD studies at AAU, please contact the AAU doctoral schools.

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