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Key figures - foundation courses

Here you can find key figures for foundation courses at Aalborg University.

Foundation courses aim at qualifying students for admission to engineering programmes, natural sciences programmes and the Surveying, Planning and Land Management programme.

These courses are tailor-made for prospective students who lack qualifying examinations from their upper secondary education. They are organised as two-semester courses and three-semester courses and offered in Aalborg and Esbjerg. Single-subject courses are also offered. The courses are taught in danish.

Admission requirements: You must be able to document sufficient oral and written proficiency in Danish equivalent to the Leaving Examination of the Folkeskole.

More information about Foundation Courses can be found at: https://www.ak.aau.dk/ (In Danish) or send an email to ak-studievejledning@staff.aau.dk.

The table below shows the number of students who have participated in a foundation course and the number of student FTEs. The figures are published each year in October.

Foundation courses 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Participated foundation courses 424 343 354 380 306
Student FTEs 188 153 157 163 136