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Dispensations and special permissions

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    Dispensation - special circumstances (reduced GPA)


    In case special circumstances have reduced your grade point average (GPA), you can apply for dispensation. In your application, you must submit documentation showing that your GPA was reduced due to special circumstances. Please note, Aalborg University rarely grant dispensation and that a dispensation is not a guarantee of you being enrolled.

    Please notice that the dispensation is solely for entry restricted programmes and only if you hold a qualifying upper secondary school exam that is considered equivalent to a Danish upper secondary school exam and your grade point average (GPA) can be converted into the Danish grading scale.

    We advise that you apply for exemption before 15 March.

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    Special permission to apply for admission

    If you do not hold a qualifying upper secondary school exam it may be possible for you to apply for admission with special permission. You must submit documentation (diplomas) showing that you possess general as well as specific academic qualifications equivalent to those of an applicant holding a qualifying exam. Please note that in regards to programmes with a restricted entry very few study places are allocated to applicants with special permission.

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    Second degree limitation

    As a general rule, this limitation means that if you have completed a full-time Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Denmark, you are not eligible to start a second degree at an equivalent or lower level, until six years after completing your latest degree.

    This means that: 

    • If you hold a Professional Bachelor’s degree, an academic Bachelor’s degree or any other medium-length higher education, you cannot be admitted to a new study programme at Bachelor level or Professional Bachelor level.
    • If you hold a Master’s degree, you cannot be admitted to a business academy programme, another Bachelor’s programme (regardless of the subject area) another Professional Bachelor level or another Master’s programme.

    Exemption if at least one of the following conditions is met:

    • If an applicant is unable to use their degree in the labour market on health grounds. Such a decision will be made on the basis of a medical certificate from your doctor concerning both any physical and mental disabilities or as part of employment rehabilitation etc. 
    • If your degree has been significantly altered or has been discontinued.

    You must upload your exemption application to your application at www.optagelse.dk (for Bachelor's programmes) or the application system (for Master's programmes - at this time you must use Firefox or Internet Explorer). Decisions are made by Aalborg University on an individual basis. If you are granted an exemption, your application for admission will be assessed on par with other applications for that particular programme.

    Please see second degree limitation for further information.