Finance and fees

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    Application fees


    You must pay an application fee if you:

    • are not an EU/EEA citizen. Are not residing in Denmark and do not have a Danish upper secondary school exam or a Danish Bachelor’s degree or
    • are not an EU/EEA citizen, are residing in Denmark with a temporary residence in Denmark and do not have a Danish upper secondary school exam

    Exchange students from partner universities outside EU/EEA will not be charged application fees.
    Erasmus Mundus applicants will not be charged application fees.


    The application fee must be received by Aalborg University before 15 March, otherwise your application for admission to a Bachelor’s programme will not be processed.


    The application fee is 100 EUR and must be made through our webshop.

    pay Application fee here

    Please note that you must upload the payment receipt to your application at

    Refund policy

    Your application fee will be reimbursed if you accept an offer of admission, have paid your tuition fee and are still enrolled at Aalborg University by 1 October.

    The application fee will only be reimbursed through the webshop.

    If you are not offered admission, your application fee will not be reimbursed. 

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    Travel insurance

    Aalborg University strongly recommends that you take out a travel insurance for the full period you plan to stay in Denmark prior to leaving your home country. A general travel insurance will cover you against expenses in connection with illness, injuries, medical and dental treatment and usually also in case of theft.

    Health insurance before you obtain a residence permit

    Aalborg University strongly recommends that you take out a health insurance covering the first 4 to 6 weeks you spend in Denmark, since you are not eligible to free medical treatment until you receive your CPR-number health card.

    Health insurance after obtaining a residence permit

    Once you have obtained a residence permit, i.e. if you are staying in Denmark for at least three months, you are automatically included in the Danish Health Insurance Scheme which gives you the right to free medical treatment by general practitioners and in hospitals – but not by dentists.

    When you register at the Citizen Service Center you will receive a personal registration number, which also serves as your health insurance number. After your registration you will receive a health insurance card. Remember always to bring the card along when you see your doctor or your dentist. The name, address and phone number of your chosen doctor will be printed on the card.

    If your stay in Denmark will last less than three months you are not automatically covered by the Danish Health Insurance Scheme. The rules applicable vary according to nationality. 

    Accident insurance

    Aalborg University also recommends that you take out a personal insurance to cover your stay in Denmark. Particularly students with laboratory work should ensure that they hold an insurance that covers accidents involving laboratory work. This insurance covers hospital and rehabilitation costs if you get injured in accidents – e.g. accidental fall or work/laboratory accidents.

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    Study and work permit

    Students from NON-EU/EEA countries

    Non-EU/EEA students must have obtained study and work permit prior to travelling to Denmark.

    When you have paid the tuition fee and you are fully admitted, the Admissions Office will send you the application form for the study and work permit (an online ST1 form) via email. The Admissions Office has filled in part 1 of the form – you are required to fill in part 2. In the email from the Admissions Office, you will find your login and password in order to enter the application. You must use this information to login, continue and finish your application for your study and work permit. Please note that you must create the case order ID and pay the processing fee. You will receive detailed instructions in the email from the Admissions Office. 

    Please note that you must submit all pages of your passport, when you apply for a study and work permit.

    The application process regarding your study and work permit lasts three months if you are applying for a Bachelors’s programme and two months if you are applying for a Master’s programme..

    Please note that other procedures may apply to Exchange students.

    Students from EU/EEA countries

    EU/EEA students staying in Denmark for more than three months must obtain residence documents at the State Administration upon arrival in Denmark. Bring your passport, two passport photos and your ‘letter of Admission’ when contacting the State Administration Office.

    Please note that it may last up to three weeks for the State Administration to process your application and issue your residence documents. You must obtain your residence documents before you can register with the Civil Service Center (Borgerservice).

    Please find detailed information regarding opening days exclusively for EU/EEA students in the welcome package. You will receive the welcome package when attending the event ‘Arrival Day’.

    Students from Nordic countries

    Nordic students are not required to obtain a study and work permit. If you stay for more than 6 months you must register directly with Borgerservice.


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    Tuition fees

    Students from outside EU/EEA are required to pay tuition fees in order to study at Aalborg University. Exchange students from partner universities outside EU/EEA will not be charged tuition fees.

    EU citizens are nationals from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus (applies to the Greek-Cypriot area only), the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

    EEA citizens are citizens from Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

    Tuition fee covers expenses related to lectures, guidance, supervision and exams. In case you do not pass a course you are eligible for two re-examinations

    Payment instructions

    Please find payment instructions in your admission letter.

    If your bank requires name and address of the beneficiary of the transfer order to complete it, please use the following:

    The Admissions Office
    Aalborg University
    Fibigerstraede 10
    9220 Aalborg East

    Refund policy

    If a student wishes to withdraw from Aalborg University prior to the commencement of studies the paid tuition fee will be refunded in full. If a student withdraws from Aalborg University within the first month of the semester, i.e. February in regards to the spring semester and September in regards to the autumn semester, only part of the tuition fee will be refunded. However, if the student withdraws from Aalborg University later than one month after the commencement of studies the student will not be eligible for a refund.

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    Rates - Bachelor's programmes



    Tuition fee 2022

    BSc in Applied Industrial Electronics DKK 102,600
    BSc in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology DKK 102,600

    The fees quoted above cover the academic year 2022 (two semesters). Aalborg University makes reservations concerning any adjustments that may arise in connection with the tuition fees. Fees are subject to change. If fees differ you will be required to pay the difference prior to your enrolment to Aalborg University.

    Tuition payment for the first semester is due approximately two months (Master’s programme)/ three months (Bachelor’s programmes) before the commencement of studies. The following semesters the payment must take place one month before semester start.

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    Due to the UK leaving EU, British citizens will from 1 January 2021 become non-EU applicants.

    British citizens without permanent residency in Denmark according to EU law on free movement before 1 January 2021 must pay tuition fee and application fee.

    Please note that you will need to obtain a Study and Work permit before entering Denmark. For more information, please see previous article on our website.


    British citizens residing permanently in Denmark according to EU law on free movement before 1 January 2021 are exempt from paying tuition fees and application fee.


    The Brexit page of the Danish Foreign Ministry
    The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science – regarding tuition fees and student grants