Guests from Danish universities

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    Which courses modules are available at AAU?

    To find out which course modules are offered at AAU, you must look in the curriculum of the specific educational programme. In the curriculum you will be able to see which modules are offered on which semester and also read more about the individual modules. You can find all the curriculums here:  

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    What is a guest student?

    Are you studying at another Danish university? Then you can apply for enrolment as a guest student to e.g. a minor subject or single courses at Aalborg University. 

    Please note that the courses you take at Aalborg University must award credit to the Bachelor or Master's programme at your home university. 

    Are you studying at a university outside of Denmark? Please see "Exchange from abroad"

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    How to apply

    Applications must be submitted in the Danish Application Portal. You need to create a profile in the Application Portal in order to submit your application(s) for the study programme(s) of your choice.

    Please note: You are responsible for keeping yourself updated on the status of your application by often logging into the application portal and by reading and responding to any new messages. 


    Choose the correct offer type

    Please make sure to choose the correct technical term in the box ‘offer type' in the Application Portal:

    • ’Single subject as a guest student’ = Applying for a single course.
    • ‘Elective for Bachelor’ = Applying for a minor subject/an elective course in a Bachelor’s programme.
    • ‘Elective for Master’ = Applying for a minor subject in a Master’s programme.


    Login to the Application Portal

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    Pre-approved credit transfer and documentation

    Please upload the study board’s pre-approval of your study activities (as a guest student) at Aalborg University. Further, you need to upload a transcript from your current programme.

    Since you must meet any specific entry requirements you will need to upload your diploma from upper secondary school (in case you apply for courses at a Bachelor’s programme), or your Bachelor’s degree diploma (in case you apply for courses at a Master’s programme).

    If you apply as a guest student for a minor subject (gymnasie-sidefag), and your major subject is a upper secondary school subject, a pre-approval from your study board is not necessary.

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    Application deadlines

    February intake

    Deadline: 15 October

    September intake

    Deadline: 1 March

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    Response to your application

    Response will be given continuously.

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