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Please note that the housing situation in our capital is one of the most severe ones in Europe. Rooms at a lower price level in Copenhagen are hard to find. Aalborg University International Accommodation Office (AAU IAO) CPH disposes at the moment of a limited number of 1 person rooms in a student hall situated outside the city centre. Please note that the IAO AAU CPH has no apartments or rooms in the city centre. The student hall is situated outside the city, in a suburban area, but with a reasonable low rent.

We have to stress the fact that the AAU CPH does not offer any housing guarantee along with your place of study. It will not be possible for our office to find and secure an accommodation for all applicants during their time and study here, but we will assist and guide you as much as we can in the process.

update 01.01.2021:

The International Accommodation Office at Aalborg University campus Copenhagen (IAO AAU CPH) only disposes of a limited number of leases, please write and e-mail at as soon as possible if you wish to registre your application for the waiting for student accommodation summer semester 2021.

Please find below two other noteworthy possibilities, and we advise you to take action as soon as possible

  1. The International Accommodation Office AAU CPH would like to inform that the student dorm called “Danmarks Internationale Kollegium” (DIK) has currently reported to us, that they have available student rooms (other than the rooms IAO AAU CPH has access to). So these rooms are located in the same student hall, but in another block. The dorm is situated outside the city, in Albertslund, a suburban area, but with a low monthly rent (2.900 DKK), and is conveniently located nearby shops and a S-train station, read more here: The rooms at DIK are very basic and somewhat worn. The tenants themselves have the main responsibility for keeping the interior clean and cozy. You have to be willing to make an effort to get along with the other students, participating in cleaning chores, actively participating in the student kitchen group; in short, life at this student hall can be great when joining forces with your fellow students to creating a nice atmosphere and making new friends.

    To apply for a room you need to contact DIK’s administration office Kollegiernes Kontor i København (KKIK) directly. This means that you can rent the room directly from the organization (and not through us IAO AAU CPH). This is in fact a bit cheaper, but please keep in mind that you will need to bring or buy basic furniture (their contracts are only for unfurnished student rooms). You can write an application for a room addressed to Ms. Janne Høgh:

  2. "Lille Meyer" (little Meyer") is a new student housing building under construction located just besides our campus! The student rooms will be rented out through the organisation "CIU" that manages also many other student halls around the city. The waiting list for "Lille Meyer" has recently opened and we strongly encourage all students to sign up (for free) as soon as possible. The website is in Danish but you can use google translate to get an overall idea: 
    To register at the waiting list, go to and fill out all your details. As soon as you are registered in CIU's database, you have to click and choose "Lille Meyer" in order to activate your choice.  


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