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During your stay


All deadlines and procedures for paying rent can be found in your rental contract (§11). We reserve the right to cancel the contract in case the tenant fails to pay rent on time.

If you are in doubt about how to transfer please read our section on payment.

Housing benefiT

The Danish term is "boligstøtte" and it is a monthly benefit free of charge to help cover your rent expenses as a tenant.

Please be aware that not all tenants with an international background will be eligible for a housing benefit, but we recommend that you investigate it yourself.

Read more about the housing benefit here.

Maintenance and inventory

The fees for both maintenance and furniture are stated in your service contract and are included in your monthly rent.

We are in charge of painting and renovating the rooms regularly, but be aware that our room are in different conditions. If you are dissatisfied please contact us within 14 days after your arrival.

The furniture is not necessarily brand new, but we expect you not to mistreat it. If you break something in your room by accident you should report it to us. You are not allowed to replace the broken furniture yourself or remove anything from your room without our permission.

We kindly ask you  not to hang up things/make holes in the walls of your room.

Smoking is not allowed in the student halls. Denmark has a smoking ban in all public indoor areas, which means you can only smoke outside in designated areas next to the building.

Technical problems

Please contact the student hall inspector (the inspectors' office is located in the separate building at the beginning of the halls) if you have questions regarding:

  • Heating
  • Electricity 
  • Broken bulbs in all fixed lamps
  • Internet
  • Plumbing
  • Keys not working or broken
  • Kitchen equipment in the common kitchens
  • Allergies - other problems with the indoor climate

If you experience technical problems that need fixing, please follow this procedure:

  1. Write an email to: dik@kollegierneskontor.dk
  2. Subject: Room no. [your room number], request for fixing
  3. Text: I, [your name] request your help to fix [describe the problem] in room number […]. My telephone no. is: [insert your number]
  4. I will deliver my spare key at the office [insert date], if no one is present, I will lay it in the inspectors mail box. [note: preferably in an envelope with room no. on it, or else, with a room no. tag taped on the key].
  5. Thank you in advance.
  6. Kind regards, [your name]
  7. The inspector or a technician will come by to fix the problem – they will of course first knock on the door of your room before they enter with the spare key.
  8. If nothing has happened after 7 working days (after delivering the key to the inspector), please contact the inspector to hear when the task is planned for.
  9. When the problem is fixed, they will leave your spare key in your room.

House rules

Please follow the house rules at your student hall. The rules are provided by the student hall upon arrival. If you did not receive them, ask the inspector.


Your room

You are solely responsible for the cleaning of your room during your stay. Normally, vacuum cleaners can be found in the common kitchens. If you are in doubt about what remedies and materials to use for cleaning please ask your inspector.

At Tingbjerg Kollegiet one particular kind of soap must be used exclusively for your room floor (ask the inspector) in case the floor is not treated correctly by the tenant this could result in considerable cost to the tenant.


Do not employ acid to clean the chrome parts in the bathroom or kitchen. If you are in doubt ask the student hall inspector about what remedies and materials to use.

Also always make sure to air out and open your shower curtain after showering.

Please note that the tap water in Denmark is “hard” – lots of calcium. Therefore, it is normal to descale the bathroom and kitchen regularly with cleaning products designed to remove lime scales. For the toilet, you have to get “toiletrens” (available at any supermarket) and use it at least twice a week to clean the toilet bowl with a toilet brush. For the tap and sink, you can find all kinds of cleaning products. In Denmark, it is fairly easy to find environmentally friendly cleaning products.


Common kitchen and COMMON areas

At DIK All students without exception have to participate in the cleaning schedule.The tenants take shifts to clean the common areas.  Please check the cleaning schedule at your student hall and if you cannot find it ask your fellow tenants. If you are unable to do your shift it is your responsibility to find a replacement. You will be charged for missing the cleaning – currently DKK 500 for the kitchen and DKK 250 for the common area. The costs for missing common cleaning will be taken out of your deposit.
At Tingbjerg Kollegiet each floor in each block make their own rules, hence attend the kitchen meeting to find out what the rules are.



Please observe the current house rules at your student hall for having guests and hosting parties. If in doubt ask the local student hall inspector.

At Tingbjerg Kollegiet it is allowed to have guests staying overnight for a shorter period of time, but at DIK it is not allowed.

Lost keys

If you loose your keys, you need to inform us as soon as possible. Due to safety the whole lock often has to be replaced. The current price at Tingbjerg Kollegiet is around DKK 1.000 and at DIK the price is around DKK 2.500. The university does not cover the costs – it will be taken out of your deposit.

Student accommodation


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