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Before moving in


When you have accepted a rental offer from the International Accommodation Office AAU CPH, you need to proceed with the first payments. All payment details can be found within the offer document. 

In principle the first 2 payments amount to:

  • 3 months' rent
  • Deposit of 2 months rent

The first rent and the deposit payment have to be made in Danish kroner (DKK) and as two separate transfers with each their unique reference number and your name. Any bank fees for international transactions are on your behalf. Some banks only allow international transactions with sharing transfer costs, in this case the transfer fee will be deducted from your deposit when the reimbursement takes place at the end of the rental contract. Please follow the instructions on your offer and meet the deadline for payment.

Please send us a receipt of the first rent and deposit, as it can take up to two weeks for payments to be registered in our system. We cannot give out the key without proof of payment.

We recommend that you only pay from your own account (within your name). But if you choose another option it is your responsibility to make sure that we can identify the payment correctly. Always state your name clearly when making the transfer.

Registration of your new Danish address 

Your new address is stated in your offer and your rental contract. You need to register your address and link it to your social secuirty number called the CPR number. You must apply for a CPR number online at the International House Copenhagen. 

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Key pick up

You will receive the keys for your room at the AAU Copenhagen Campus in the manner we have informed you by mail. Remember to bring the receipts from your first two payments (rent + deposit) electronic or on paper. The refurbishment or renovation of most of the rooms takes place at the start of the summer semester, i.e. from August 1. The tenant is liable for the rent during the refurbishment period. If this is the case for the room that you were offered, it will be stated clearly in the room offer and contract. 

Please note that you can pick up the keys to your room only on workdays and after prior written confirmation from the IAO AAU CPH. In case your arrival takes place outside the office opening hours, on a weekend, Saturday / Sunday, or on a public holiday you will need to arrange for a hotel. The IAO AAU CPH will not cover any costs related to temporary accommodation.

Only in exceptional situations, it is possible to let someone else pick up the keys on your behalf. All responsibility for lost or missing keys are however on your behalf. Prior and written agreement (electronic or on paper) with all parties (you as the tenant, the person delivering the keys, and the IAO AAU CPH) stating the full name and mobile telephone number is mandatory. 

Remember to bring 

Remember to bring the following:

  • Sheets
  • Duvet
  • Pillow
  • Bed linen
  • Towels

Please remember always to use linen on the top mattress, as the absence of linen will ruin the top mattress and you will be charged extra money for this when moving out.

NOTE: The common kitchens have few kitchen utensils for all tenants to use, so we advise strongly that you bring your own plates and equipment, or to be prepared to buy your kitchen gear at the local shops nearby. 


The university does not have an insurance that will cover you and your belongings while staying in Denmark. This likewise applies if you are renting one of our accommodations.

We recommend drawing as a minimum a so-called “indboforsikring”. This insurance covers your personal belongings inside your accommodation in case of burglary, but might also include things like a bicycle, which could get stolen from the street. 
Many are also happy to secure having the funds for a new laptop in case it gets stolen. Make sure to ask the insurance company about the possibilities for coverage in public areas.

The university is not able to recommend any companies as such, but we advise you to search online for “forsikringsselskab” and call them – they all speak English. Some offer a student discount - hence make sure to ask as prices vary a lot already between the different companies.

Student accommodation


Do you have questions concerning  applications, prepaid deposit or questions regarding rent payments, rent increases and AAU contracts?

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