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Unless otherwise agreed in writing with the IAO CPH, you must hand in all the keys at “Fælles Service” CPH, A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, building A, 4th floor, 2450 Copenhagen SV, latest at 12:00 o’clock in person on the same day as you are moving out. The fee for not returning the keys on time is DKK 500.

If you wish to return the keys and leave the room before the official moving out date (stated in your contract, offer and/or extension contract) you need to inform the IAO AAU CPH latest 3 weeks in advance of your departure date. We will then make an appointment with you in order to return the keys at our office. You can only return the keys to your room on workdays in office opening hours (9:00 – 14:00). In case your departure takes place on a weekend (Saturday / Sunday, or on a public holiday) you will need to let someone else hand in the keys on your behalf. You always need a prior and written agreement with IAO AAU CPH stating the full name and telephone number of the person. If you choose to arrange for a hotel the IAO AAU CPH will not cover any costs related to temporary accommodation. Please note that you are contractually obliged to execute all rent payments irrespective of your departure date. 

You have to return the same number of keys that you received upon arrival. These were listed on the key receipt that you signed upon arrival.

If you have lost a key, you have to pay for the replacement of the keys and unfortunately, this is quite a costly affair. Due to safety, the whole lock has to be replaced. The current price at Tingbjerg Kollegiet is around DKK 1.000 and at DIK the price is around DKK 2.500. The university does not cover the costs – the costs for losing keys will be deducted from your deposit.

When you have handed back your keys you no longer have access to your accommodation.


When you leave your room, you need to remove all personal belongings, all extra furniture and garbage.

In case you do leave furniture in the room or shared facilities, we reserve the right to charge a fee of DKK 500 to remove it.

The room needs to be tidy and clean upon departure, and remember to also clean and remove all items from the fridge and kitchen cupboard at the shared kitchen – including food, empty jars etc.

Due to sanitary regulations, a professional cleaning company will always clean the room after your departure. Please notice that according to your contract §11 the mandatory fee for standard cleaning will be deducted from your deposit. The contract specifies the price for a standard cleaning, but in case you leave the room in a poor or dirty condition, the cost for cleaning will accordingly be higher.

If the tenant fails to clean at all or to keep the interior in good condition – the tenant will have to cover all extra costs for eventual damage upon the room; this may include new paint, new flooring, and sanitary materials. 

When leaving the room before the end of your contract, please remember to find a replacement for your scheduled cleaning duty of the shared facilities. If you fail to do so, the invoice from the cleaning company will be deducted your deposit.

Every semester we experience that students forget to tell us about light switches not working, water supply not functioning, windows not closing etc. and we only find out about it when inspecting the room. Hence, please do tell us as soon as you find out, also if the furniture is worn out and needs to be replaced (bed, keys, chair, table, showerhead, toilet, etc.).


Prior your departure you will receive a reimbursement form by e-mail.
After clearly filling out and signing the form, you need to e-mail or hand it in person at the International Accommodation Office CPH.

If there are no remarks after the final cleaning and inspection, your deposit will be transferred to the bank account that you wrote on the reimbursement form. Any unreported technical issues or damages might delay the process. There is a DKK 45 fee for non-Danish bank transfers. The exchange rate might influence the amount transferred. Any additional costs for wrong or missing account numbers (BIC / SWIFT / names) are at the tenant’s expense.


If you are leaving your accommodation in the summer (June/July/August), the deposit will be refunded during the month of September.

If you are leaving the accommodation in the winter (December/January/February), the deposit will be refunded during the month of March.

Although this happens rarely, the International Accommodation Office can keep your deposit up to 6 months to check for extra heating, water and electricity bills, according to the Danish rent act. In almost all cases, the accountancy department in Aalborg reimburses the deposits around 2 – 3 weeks after the contract has ended.

This will be deducted from your deposit:

  • Mandatory fee for standard cleaning stated at your contract
  • Mandatory transfer fee for foreign bank accounts 

This could additionally be deducted from your deposit:

  • Fee for handing in your reimbursement slip too late - DDK 500
  • Fee for handing in your key too late - DDK 500
  • Fee for replacing the lock and a new set of keys if they have been lost
  • Fee for leaving personal belongings and extra furniture in the room - DDK 500
  • Additional cleaning costs - under this also removal of garbage - the price will be according to the hours spent
  • Cleaning bills for missed cleaning of common kitchen and common area
  • Repairs beyond normal tear and wear of woodwork, walls and floors
  • Replacement of damaged furniture if misused
  • Replacement of other equipment if misused and not kept in proper condition 
  • Excessive use of heating
  • Excessive use of electricity
  • Excessive use of laundry at Tingbjerg Kollegiet


You have to remember to deregister at the civil registration office and other places - please see this page for a full guide on where to deregister  

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