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Only payment in Danish kroner

All payments to the International Accommodation Office have to be made in Danish kroner (DKK) to avoid under- and overpayment due to exchange rates.

Likewise any fees in connection with transfers are to be covered by the tenant.

Identification of payments

You need to make sure that the university can identify your payment. Hence, all payments must be clearly marked with the full name of the applicant or tenant and likewise marked with the correct reference number. This naturally does also apply in case someone else is paying in your behalf.

Transferwise and other similar solutions cannot be employed as the rereference number as well as the name of the paying is not made visible on these transactions and further one cannot make sure that the exact and correct amount is transferred in Danish Kroner!

The reference numbers do not change in the course of time.

  • Reference number for the deposit is: 10-976004
  • Reference number for the rent is: 11282-212012

Currently the International Accommodation Office does not have any online credit card solution for payments. 

Our bank information:

Name of the bank           Danske Bank

Registration code            4368

Account Number             00 0918 9629

Swift Code                       DABADKKK

IBAN                                DK 67 30 00 00 09 18 96 29

Address of bank              Prinsensgade 11, DK-9000 Aalborg

You must transfer to        The IAO at Aalborg University Copenhagen


Prepaid deposit

The IAO AAU at campus Copenhagen does not require a prepaid deposit to validate your entry into the waiting list for student accommodation. 

However, occasionally the IAO AAU CPH might require that a prepaid deposit is transferred. In this case, the prepaid amount will later be deducted from the deposit amount when you receive an offer. If the IAO AAU CPH is not able to give you an offer or you decline and wish to withdraw from the waiting list the amount is reimbursed. A transfer fee for foreign bank accounts is to be expected in connection with the reimbursement.


The deposit for accommodation is the amount equivalent to 2 months’ rent. The amount is clearly indicated on your offer. The payment of the deposit has to be done as a unique transfer marked with the correct reference number. The deadline for this payment is normally 14 days before the start of your contract.

The deposit will not cover any rent payments.

Please bring or mail a receipt of your deposit payment and first rent when picking up your key at our office.


You have to pay 3 months’ rent in advance. The amount is clearly indicated on your offer. The payment of the first rent has to be done as a unique transfer marked with the correct reference number. The deadline for this payment is normally 14 days before the start of your contract.

You pay your rent every 3 months. The deadlines for payment is stated in your contract §11.

The total rent will be regulated each semester according to the actual prices that Aalborg University Copenhagen pays for the accommodation (ex rent, energy, Internet etc). This is done without further warnings. The DR Media License is not included in the rent. 

Missing payments

If you fail to pay the first rent and deposit on time (according to the deadline that was given to you), you cannot receive your key and the contract is immediatly cancelled. The room will pass to the next person in line on the waiting list. 

If you fail to pay your rent on time during the rental period the International Accommodation Office will contact you. Not paying your rent is considered a contract violation and may result in disciplinary action and losing your accommodation.

Be aware, that as soon as you have signed the contract with us we are obliged to use your AAU student mail for all mail correspondence. Thus check this email regularly for any communication regarding your rental contract with us among this any notifications and reminders of missing payment.

Reimbursement slip

Before your departure a reimbursement slip will be sent together with a moving out letter where you have to state your bank account information for reimbursing the deposit. Please make sure that you provide us with the correct info.

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Do you have questions concerning  applications, prepaid deposit or questions regarding rent payments, rent increases and AAU contracts?

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