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Waiting list

Who can apply?

All coming and current international students of AAU CPH can apply for accommodation through us.

Unfortunately, conditionally admitted students cannot receive an offer from us. However, you can still enroll in our waiting list, and try to fulfil the needed requirements as soon as possible. Please write in the field of comments that you have only been conditionally admitted.

Waiting list 

You are welcome to register on the waiting list for a room at one of the student halls.

Please write an e-mail to accommodation@cph.aau.dk to receive further instructions on how to register in the queue on our waiting list.

Note that you are first on our waiting list when you have completed the queue registration. Therefore, it is very important that you check your inbox (or the junk mail folder) for our reply containing the instructions to register.

The rooms are for one person only, with private bathroom and shared kitchen facilities. Read more about the rooms here.

Please note that AAU CPH doesn’t guarantee accommodation during your study at our university. As soon as all rooms in the student halls are assigned – following the order on the waiting list – the international accommodation office cannot arrange for alternative accommodation solutions with private landlords. We will help and guide you of course as much as we can, but you will be responsible to take action on your own to find a suitable place to live.

It is therefore advised that you become a member of our Facebook group, where both students and private landlords post on accommodation: https://www.facebook.com/groups/340017122754792/


Room offer

The deadline for accepting an offer is 48 hours. If the applicant fails to respond to the offer the applicant will be removed from the list. It is important that you state an email address at your application that you will be able to check and access regularly at all times. In case the applicant has stated an invalid email address in the application form and thereby misses an opportunity to respond to an offer, the accommodation office carries no responsibility. The IAO cannot make any exceptions to these rules (e.g. if the offer was not read in time due to illness, misplacement in the junk mail folder, holidays, etc.)

If you regret your acceptance of the offer you have 14 days to decline in writing.

If you fail to make the first payment according to the payment deadline as stated in the offer, the contract and offer is cancelled and we reserve the right to charge you with a fee of DKK 500,00 in order to cover the costs for administration. 

We process all applications relatively fast and as an example all rooms for the fall will have been distributed by the beginning of July, hence if you did not hear from us it is probably due to the fact that we could not provide you with an offer.

Due to our limited resources and the small number of rooms available ach applicant will receive only one offer, and iIf the applicant rejects the offer we are not obliged to give you a second offer.

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Do you have questions concerning  applications, prepaid deposit or questions regarding rent payments, rent increases and AAU contracts?

We are ready to help you.

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