Computer Science (IT)

Computer Science (IT)

Are you interested in programming, software engineering, machine intelligence, data management or embedded systems ? You can deepen your skills in these areas by taking the Computer Science (IT) master's education at Aalborg University.

Computer Science (IT) is an education made for both Danish students and students from abroad (IT means “international track”) and every part of the programme is taught in English. Please notice, that this education is not the same as the Computer Science education which is only taught in Danish.

Computer Science (IT) targets two types of students;

  1. Bachelors in Information Technology with Specialisation in Technology from Aalborg University
  2. International students with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering

You are also able to be enrolled to the master's program in Computer Science (IT) if you have a bachelor's degree in Data Science from Aalborg University, Aarhus University or the IT University in Copenhagen, or a bachelor's degree in Interaction Design from Aalborg University. A special agreement has been made between Aalborg University and UCN, so if you have a professional bachelor in Software Development and have completed courses in syntax and semantics as well as discrete mathematics, you are able to be enrolled.

If you are unsure whether your bachelor's degree gives access to the master's program in Computer Science (IT), you are welcome to contact the Study Secretary, Ulla Øland.


The students can choose between two specialisations on the 2nd semester:

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Computer Science (CS)

The Study Board highly recommends that students without a background in formal computer science and/or programming language design and compiler construction follow the IT track, in order to gain these specific competencies. 

Please find detailed information on the specialisations and courses in the Curriculum for the Master's Programme in Computer Science (IT) under Overview of the programme (§18).

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Study Method at AAU - Problem Based Learning

Study Method at AAU - Problem Based Learning

The study method at AAU is called Problem Based Learning (PBL). Together with your fellow students you will work with real life problems by way of problem based project work.

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