Innovative Communication Technologies and Entrepreneurship, MSc in Engineering

Innovative Communication Technologies and Entrepreneurship, MSc in Engineering

Information- and communication technologies such as the internet, mobile communication and advanced e-services is rapidly evolving, and increasingly influences our daily lives. The technologies are combined in new ways, which results in exciting opportunities for new services and apllications. If you want to learn about this development, understand what's happening "behind the scenes", and learn about how new technologies can help identify user needs and create new business models, then the master's programme Innovative Communication Technologies and Entrepreneuship (ICTE) on Aalborg University is for you. The education will arm you with knowledge about the newest developments within information-, communication- and media technologies in a global perspective, and you will understand the social, market and ethical aspects of their applications.


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Presentation of the MSc in icte.


You will work with

  • The technologies behind interesting applications such as Facebook and YouTube
  • Business-related technical subjects and standards that are used in the proffessoinal industry within programming, software architecture and communication technologies
  • Relevant technical subjects such as IOT, 5G, machine learning, cloud computing and blockchain
  • Business models and business development
  • Interaction with technologies
  • Communication systems
  • Cyber security
  • User experience in the real world
  • Privacy, ethics and trust


Bjørn - ICTE studerende

"ICTE contains a nice mixture of theoretical fundamentals and practical implementations of exciting technologies, with a good amount of business and entrepreneurship. A large part of the education is project-based, meaning you have responsibility for your own learning, and you have a large influence in which topics and technologies you want to focus on.

ICTE is a technical education, which lets me be creative and innovative, while i get an engineer-technical introduction to many of the important technologies within the IT industry. The teachers are good at explaining the solutions that are currently used in large corporations, and at the same time they can introduce the newest and best solutions.

The education will give you a proffessional profile that can be used in many different industries, whether you want to work in infrastructure, software, security or business development.

I am aspiring to become an entrepreneur in the IT-sector, so for me ICTE is the perfect match."

Bjørn Aagaard Skalkam, studerende



Group work is an essential element at Aalborg University. Every semester, you will work on a big project together in a group. The semester project is typically around half of the study activity for each semester, so it is important that you can function well in groups and see yourself as a team player.

It can be challenging to work in groups, but the ability to do so is one of the capabilities that make AAU candidates very attractive for recruiters and companies.


ACademic environment

At ICTE at Aalborg University Copenhagen you meet an academic environment shaped by interdisciplinary research and start-up companies. We work in the former Nokia headquarter in Copenhagen, a building which now hosts both Aalborg University and many start-up companies formed e.g. by ex-Nokia employees. Our neighbourgs are other telecom-, media and computer companies. Often, research projects at CMI are continued as start-up businesses. There are also often opportunities for you as a student to work with the start-up companies.

The ICTE study programme is provided by a research center within Aalborg University - Center for Media and Communication technologies (CMI). What characterises our research at CMI is that it is interdisciplinary: engineers work together with economists, lawyers, political scientists, and designers. That produces leading research within the fields of telecom regulation, interaction design, internet of things and market analysis. Your semester projects at ICTE and the teaching in general reflects this interdisciplinary approach. We connect engineering with business, markets, legislation and users.


International atmosPHEre

At ICTE, we have people from all over the world. We teach in English and we have an international atmosphere with both researchers/teachers and students coming from all over the world. We have and have had students from more than 20 different countries


Semester project Seminars

Twice each semester, ICTE students present their on-going semester group project to the other ICTE students. Another group of ICTE students then act as 'opponents' to give feedback, provide suggestions and develop the project idea.



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