International Relations, Master

Master of International Relations (New Programme in 2022)

Master of International Relations (New Programme in 2022)

Aalborg University offers a two year (four semesters) Master of Social Science programme in International Relations. The program addresses major international issues with a strong focus on sustainability and global and regional governance. The courses are offered in English.

Master of International relations

The Master of International Relations is a two-year (four semesters) Master's program under the Study Board for International Affairs at Aalborg University, Denmark. The program is built on the merger of the former Development and International Relations and European Studies programs. The program is offered both in Aalborg and Copenhagen. In Copenhagen the programme is only available with a mandatory specialisation in Global Refugee Studies - see Global Refugee Studies

Sustainability and global and regional governance

The Master of International Relations program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of international relations from a social sciences' perspective. The program addresses major international issues, which transcends national boundaries with a strong focus on sustainability and global and regional governance. Master of International Relations gives you the opportunity to begin a career in various international settings, whether your interests are strategic, managerial, policy-related, or all of the above. You will become familiar with different theoretical approaches to the study of International Relations, and learn to analyze international issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. You will benefit from the experience of working in an intercultural environment both during the semesters at AAU and during your internship or study abroad period.

Tailor your own profile

The program offers three different study profiles in Aalborg:

  • EU studies,
  • Global Gender Studies or
  • Global China Studies.

You can also follow the program without choosing a profile. You can read more about the different profiles here:view Profiles here

Problem-Based Learning in a dynamic international environment

Our learning model rests upon principles of inter-disciplinary, problem-based learning and project work. Today, we are one of the leading universities in this method - but what truly sets us apart is the close connection between students and faculty. It begins by students themselves identifying real-world problems, which they tackle through group projects in cooperation with their supervisor. In a recent OECD evaluation, our teaching model was applauded for being “optimal for learning”.

Guest Student Programme

It is possible to study International Relations for one or two semesters as a guest/exchange student. Guest/exchange students studying two semesters will obtain a one-year specialisation diploma. Note that guest/exchange students who are admitted for one semester will only obtain academic credits but not the diploma.

For information about the application process, deadlines, tuition fee, scholarship etc. please see How to apply to Aalborg University.


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