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The Leiden Ranking list measures research publication, research impact and collaboration. It includes publications from a five-year period.

First published: 2008

Database used for data collection: Web of Science (Clarivate)

The rankings are based on eight indicators, divided into three groups:

  • Number of publications (P) - measured in terms of full count (equal weight for all publications) and fractional count (less weight for publications made in collaboration with others).
  • Average number of citations per publication (MCS)
  • Average number of citations per publication normalized for field differences, publication year and document type (MNCS)
  • Number of publication in the top 10% of the most frequently cited publications (PP10%)
  • Number of publications in collaboration the other organizations (PPcollab)
  • Number of publications in collaboration with other countries (PPintcollab)
  • The average geographical collaboration distance of the publications of a university, where the geographical collaboration distance of a publication equals the largest geographical distance between two addresses mentioned in the publication’s address list (MGCD)
  • The proportion of the publications of a university that have a geographical collaboration distance of more than 1000 km. (PP>1000 km.)


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Contact AAU

Contact AAU

If you have any questions relating to the ranking of Aalborg University, please contact:

Senior Consultant Birte C. Hornemann
Tel.: (45) 9940 9642